Aviation Express: Top 5 Things in Aviation Today! (10.14.19)



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Haha- all jokes aside- I’m 1Bit, and this is something new I’m trying to start-up in the IFC, “Aviation Express,” which would be a daily recap of aviation news and events, along with some funny videos/featured photos. Not all articles will be up to date, and there is no news on weekends :D

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Anyways, onto the news!

If you for some reason think that after the attacks on the WTC you can bring anything that even smells of an object that can do harm onto an airline, you can bet your butt that trying to bring a replica grenade onboard a plane at Detroit Metropolitan Airport will get you arrested. Some people just don’t get it, do they?


TSA confiscates replica grenade in bag at Detroit Metro Airport

Uh oh, stinky! Looks like Boeing made another oopsie and figured nobody would notice the defects in their 787 batteries- sorry, I meant 737 MAX MCAS and engine placement- wait, no, I meant the brand-spankin’ new cracks on their Boeing 737NG series. Of the 810 inspected planes, just under 40 had “structural cracks that required repair and replacement”- something that should not be happening to a plane this new.



Good news for all of you GA weirdos! It seems as though thanks to the power of humans with braincells and technology, the death-rate for GA flights is coming down. Slowly, but surely. From 20% to 15% (2015-2016) in mortality rates, things are looking good! It is still important to note that general aviation (personal flying) deaths account for 78.8 of all types of air-related deaths.


Nall Report: GA Fatal Accident Rate Continues to Fall - AVweb

Wow Air? Back? Nooooo.Yep! Bankers and investors in WOW air are saying the airline should relaunch by December 2019!. Michele Ballarin, a banker/investor in WOW air is hoping that they can have at least 4 aircraft in the air non-stop by the summer. Icelandair, hold your horses!



Speaking of Icelandair, our featured photo for today is the Icelandair Hekla Aurora Livery, in their 757!


Icelandair Boeing 757-256 TI-FIU Hekla Aurora | Icelandair B… | Flickr

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