Aviation Etiquette - (Flight Sim Edition)

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Hello again IF community!

to start things off I would like to thank everyone who gave me support and love on my last post on smooth landings! I am still a fairly new member and love all the positive feedback I can get.

Today I will be talking about proper etiquette that all moderate to professional flight simmers should have!
please note that these are just my opinions. If you disagree with ant of them or want to add something please feel free to leave a comment!

So, without further adue, here is my aviation etiquette advise!

  • Proper Spacing When on the Ground

One of the biggest problems I see with even the most experienced players on IF is they stop WAY too close behind the aircraft in front of them. They should be at least 4 to 5 car leanghs (if not more) behind them. When someone does this to me it is very frustrating and I will even try to move forward a bit to leave more space but they just follow right behind.

  • Aggressive Taxiing

While on the topic of ground etiquette, I decided to through this one in too. aggressive taxiing is commonly seen at events or even if an airport is busy. You will be taxiing along towards the runway that you are instructed to taxi to and there is a lineup of aircraft waiting to takeoff there. As you are taxiing you see another aircraft heading the same place you are. He also sees you and picks up speed to go as fast as he is able so he can get in front of you. I see this happen all the time and it looks very unprofessional and can even result in the person not being able to stop the aircraft on time and running into someone else. If you are one of these people you should consider why you are doing that. Are you in a rush to make a quick flight before you have to go to town? or do you not care about making the sim as real as possible? If you are in a time crunch then consider not attending an event or flying out of a busy airspace because 90% of the time you will be waiting in line for about 10 minutes. If you do not want to use the sim professionally, I think the rest of the community would agree if I asked you to fly on casual server!

  • Escorting other Aircraft

I recently saw a post someone made about how they were frustrated when someone was escorting them in a fighter jet when on final. I can say for myself this is very annoying and unrealistic when you are trying to focus on landing and you have an F-16 that is checking out your cool livery on your aircraft! I can also say that when I was new to the sim I did this myself not thinking about the other person that might not want me there. Escorting an aircraft on final is a BIG no no especially on expert server. I would even make sure the other person flying the aircraft is fine with you escorting them even when not in an active airspace on expert server.

  • ATC Communications

Being an air traffic controller is very stressful, in real life, and on IF. When many people contact tower, ground, approach etc… and request something, they expect an emediate response. If there is no response within 10 to 15 seconds they resend the same message thinking the controller did not receive their message. In most cases ATC has gotten your message but can not respond right away because of requests from other aircraft that requested something before you in a busy airspace. On training server, you could have someone that is new to being an ATC and is trying to figure out where the right button is. In any case, have some patience and wait a little longer. I the controller has not responded within 20 to 30 seconds then you can try again.

I would love to here your comments and frustrations about things that other players do on IF! please do not give out specific names of players. :)

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What is the most common problem you see on IF from what I have talked about?

  • Tail to Nose taxiing
  • Aggressive Taxiing
  • Escorting Without Permission
  • ATC Impatients

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Edit: forgive me for spelling “impatience” wrong in the poll.


I do agree with you, it’s common out there on Expert server and makes me frustrate about this.

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Sometimes I wonder how some people make it to expert server!


its also disheartening to be trying to give atc instructions as you are practicing or something of the sort and they ask you for something and they don’t like your response and just reply unable over and over. I feel like if you ask atc for some sort of instruction you should take it.


Yes I agree 100%

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You got it Captain. I have apologised to the person in question for the escort. Just so you know. Having said that, I know I have escorted folks like Mark Denton and others on ES in the early days. However your point is noted and there will no longer be any escorting of non IFAE or GAF on my side from now on.

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I think you should wait at least 5 minutes before requesting again

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I’ll be honest, but yes I do agree with the escort on final as a big no no. Funny you say that, when I was climbing, 2 fighter jets from different locations around lax. One was a my friend so I won’t say much (he did it professionally). The other dude, just couldn’t keep up with me.

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Unfortunately the requirements to be granted access to the expert server aren’t based on good etiquette or pilotage with exception to violation ratio. Still, good post on your part as it’s well observed and informative. Thank you.

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Well, if you are say on left down wind and they havent cleared you to land you cant really wait 5 minutes.

I am not blaming anyone. I just saw the post and thought I would add it in since its a common problem. We all make mistakes. 😉

Frankly there were no technical mistakes: I maintained good safe escort distance (within 1nm) at 45 degrees off left wing; asked for traffic advisories and announced inbound TnG on same RW while I maintained left wing space and distance on entire approach till the pilot landed; then announced go around and came back to land.
The only error on my part was I did not seek permission to escort. So this is something we cannot do in the SIM at the moment. Therefore I will refrain from escorting those not in IFAE or GAF.
I should also add, this would not have been attempted if ATC was present.
Perhaps this should be a lesson for all jet pilots out there.
Lets leave it at that Capt thank you.

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I agree with you

That’s way too short IMO. If the frequency is very busy, give the controller at least 2 minutes before trying again.

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Start a timer on your phone and see how long it takes to get to 30 seconds. Its a lot longer then you think and if you are in the traffic pattern you dont have 2 minutes for atc to respond.

Edit: yes if you have the time then maybe wait longer than 30 seconds. The point is to give atc time to respond.

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