Aviation Editing Polls


As I meet more people in the aviation photography community, I see that everyone is a bit different when it comes to editing photos. Some people like more shadows, while others like less. Some people like brighter whites, while others prefer less bright whites. So, just to see what everyone prefers, I made a few polls. The reason for this is to see and to show how different people edit differently. I don’t mind you uploading a photo with your editing “style” to give everyone a better example of how you do it.


Shadows Do you like more shadows which make for a darker picture, or less shadows which make a brighter picture?

  • More Shadows
  • Less Shadows

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Highlights When you increase the highlights, you lose detail, but, when you decrease them, you gain detail.

  • More Highlights (Less Detail)
  • Less Highlights (More Detail)

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Exposure The higher the exposure, the brighter the picture, and vice versa for lower exposure.

  • Higher Exposure
  • Lower Exposure

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Sharpening How sharp do you like your image?

  • Sharp
  • Crisp
  • Normal
  • Soft
  • Blurry

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Crop How do you like your image cropped?

  • Wide (16x9)
  • Normal (3x2)

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Editing How much editing do you like?

  • Overediting
  • Normal
  • Underediting

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This is an example of one of my pictures. I don’t like shadows, because I like to see details under the wing. I also like my images crisp, to where you still get detail, but it doesn’t appear overedited. I usually crop with a 3x2 ratio, but there are some exceptions.

Again, the point of this topic is to see how people edit their aviation photography. Please, don’t criticize anyone for what they choose, it’s only their opinion. Thanks!


I haven’t and I won’t vote cause there isn’t a specific editing style that I use. Sometimes I under saturate an image maybe I make them warmer or I just add more clarity. I think everyone should guide themselves on how to edit an image. Yes of course pages like jetphotos or airplane pictures ask for a specific style of editing but at the end, you have to like it and not the others :)


I definitely agree with you. As for me, I can’t stand shadows under the wings, not sure why. In some cases, yes you change some things up, but usually, everyone has a specific style.

Maybe you should include a short explanation as to what each of the different things are. I personally know what they are, but some people may not.

If you wanted to go one step further, you could include an image with the effect in the poll applied, so people can really see.

Also, what editing software do you use 😂

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Thanks for your suggestions! I use Lightroom and Photoshop. Solid editors, you can’t go wrong with them.

Noice, I’ve used the same combination for around a year now.

Another slightly nerdy question, are you using Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic?

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Classic. It’s what I learned with, and it overall is easier to use than CC. I’ve tried CC, but I don’t care for it.

Same, I used CC for a little bit and have it synced with Classic so I can add photos through my phone, but most of the time I find myself gravitating towards Classic.

I’m done with the questions now, I promise 😂

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Haha it’s fine, I love talking aviation photography!

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