Aviation Documentaries

For those interested in documentaries, this one came out last week covering one of Airbus’ facilities. The YouTube channel, Free Documentary, has a lot of really interesting documentaries. Ranging from 40-55mins long, they’re pretty in-depth and give you a different perspective on what really goes on behind the scenes and behind that machines that impact our lives on a daily basis.

When you get some free time, or are looking for something to watch while you kill time, enjoy watching this:

50 min Airbus Documentary


interesting how they build these airplanes

Now that’s cool - @DeerCrusher excellent find

Sweet find!

That sounds really cool and is about Airbus, so can’t be bad, right!

Thanks for sharing!

Well, I know what I’m doing this weekend!

Thanks @DeerCrusher for the recommendation.


Thanks deer.

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Thanks deer.

My dad makes the tyres for these beasts!!!

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I love free documentary. The train overhaul and the plane overhaul were both great episodes also.

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I watched the car carrier super transport ship one. That was a good one.


Really cool! I actually watched this last week (or something like that) and it’s quite fascinating.

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Yeah finished that yesterday, perfect channel for me as I love trucks, trains, plans, ships etc

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thanks for sharing

Love documentarys! You get more info out of it then a normal movie. 😉

Breaking News:

New video just launched about the A350 build process. They must be avid players on Infinite Flight if they know the A350 release is around the corner. 😛


What a coincidence, I’ll leave it at that

Its actually pretty interesting. Who knew over 4000 fasteners were used to join the different sections of the fuselage together. Lots of parts go into making this beast fly.


I watched that documentary 20 minutes after it came out, so glad companies/people can and do make these amazing documentaries for free. Thanks for showing me to the channel, lots of education on many subjects 🙂

Aviation Documentary drop inbound

Time to give this a watch.


Looks great! Gonna watch it right now