Aviation & Distractions

So today I was driving home and I live under the flight path of Manchester. Aircraft are usually on approach over my house but the past few days have been taking off at the other end of the runway. Anyway, this means I always see these aircraft whilst driving and is probably the biggest distraction I have in my car ever. If I’m gonna crash it’s probably cause of this reason.

My question to you is, does Aviation distract you at all? Such as driving, or working etc

Here’s today’s example. Maybe some of you can understand where I’m coming from


It distracts me all the time. I live on the approach path for RWY 05 at EDDH, and every time an aircraft roars by over-head I always look up. I almost crashed my bike once because of it…


KEWR biggest distraction i live on their approach path and when I am going to Newark or New York i take route 1&9 planes fly right next to the highway

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I drive past/under Glasgow, Prestwick, Edinburgh flight paths regularly. Can’t imagine the carnage if the pilots were so distracted by looking at me driving under their flight paths. 🛬

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Do you often see the RAF Voyager? And if so do you know why it always goes there?

flying in to RAF leuchars.

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OH YEAH!!! I get distracted big time. People around KMDW drive like fools, but I still am focused on the Big White Fence, waiting for something to sky rocket over it. Gotta love Chicago.

Since Logan is so close to the city, I’m pretty much distracted by aircraft all the time. I’m even distracted by planes cruising at high altitudes going to JFK.

I live directly under the approach for RWY09 at East Midlands, and yes, all of the time. Sitting in english I can see them, always at school, and also from my house. Particularly on Friday nights we are very busy.

Must see a lot of freighters. Or atleast hear them at night time?

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Where I play tennis is under the approach at Sydney and every time I play I get distracted by aircrafts 😅

Of course it’s distracting!!!


Definitely. I am about 10NM away but yeah, you hear them.

On a side note; we sometimes get the A380s for MAN low over here, maybe on TNT STARs?

I live under an approach to KFNT and whenever I hear a plane roaring overhead I drop everything and have to go look no matter what I’m doing, usually I get crj-200s, erj-145s, and 737s

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While driving, absolutely not. I love everything aviation but I can’t enjoy it if I’m dead or in jail. If it’s something really awesome I have been known to pull over to check it out. At work is a different story. I’m sitting at my desk right now typing to you all, the IF community instead of working. My place of work is also on the far end of the approach path to a local corporate airport so I’m frequently outside to see the private jets flying overhead. My coworkers take smoke breaks, it’s only fair that I get plane breaks, right?


I wasn’t driving today, because if I was this is probably a definite crash situation 😂

Yes whenever taking a test I look out the window seeing planes land

All the time!

Aviation is distracting to me, but more when I procrastinate by watching airplane videos, flying, controlling, visiting the forum, etc.

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A play soccer under the approach to KATL - yesterday I almost let them score because I was looking out for a Korean Air A380 haha