Aviation Day Spotting at BZN | Behind the fence

On August 19th 2020 on Aviation Day I went to the airport with my new IPhone 8 to test it out at the airport. I went to the new parking garage that has a direct view of the ramp and gate A5.

The first picture is a delayed Horizon Air Q400 taxing onto taxiway A heading out to PDX.

Then I went up to the top of the garage to get a good look at the JetBlue “Vets in Blue” livery which was bound for Boston.
The last few pictures I took were of an American Airlines 737-800 taxiing out to the runway.

What I used to take the pictures

I used an IPhone 8

Thank you for viewing these pictures!


Beautiful photos!

I’ve seen the Vets and Blue livery at Buffalo before! It’s beautiful! I also saw that same flight on Flightradar24!


Thank you @MJP_27! I hope to get some more pictures of JetBlue special liveries.


Man, I bet @PlaneCrazy would love these, he is almost as obsessed with BZN as I am in with MSO. MSO has some fantastic spotting locations, and it also has a retired ATC tower positioned on top of the terminal itself that I imagine would have some unbeatable views of aircraft below. I have never gotten to go up in the retired tower, I have only gotten a tour of the current ATC tower that replaced it in 2012.


That’s really cool! Next time I’m in Missoula I’ll try and go.

I also just discovered that the retired ATC tower is going to be bulldozed along with the entire original terminal :(

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That’s too bad😢

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Supper awesome shots, Nathan! Really hope we can go spotting together sometime!

I love that parking garage so much. It has a perfect view of the terminal and runway.

Really interesting to see Alaska using A3 while B3 is out of service. I wonder where they’ll move once the terminal expansion is complete.


Thank you! The parking garage really is gold isn’t it? We should definitely try to go plane spotting sometime.

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That Alaskan Q400 Is beautiful! I have never seen that! 😍

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Thank you! It is one of my favorite planes that flies to Bozeman.

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