Aviation Day 2018 (PAFA)

First spotting topic

It actually happened in May, I just never got the photos up.

FedEx 727 Flight Engineers station

Everts Air Cargo ramp

More 727

Model 17 Staggerwing (thanks for helping identify it @DeerCrusher)

Back to the 727 cockpit

Shorts 330/360 of Ravn Connect

Shot on iPod


Love the Model 17 Staggerwing. Its a beautiful aircraft to watch fly. ๐Ÿ˜ (thatโ€™s the red biplane) Great photos!

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Thanks! Might get some pictures of a Shorts 330 up too

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The first and second last photos are amazing. Very well done.

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Shorts 330/360 is up now.

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