Aviation Colleges or cadet programs in the United States.

I’m currently 14 and will be going to college when I’m 16. My goal is to fly for American Airlines or go to Europe and do medium-long hauls. For college, I’ve looked at embry riddle Prescott location and Und. My moms concern is that und is to far. But she also said riddle is too expensive. I’d like to get a degree in aeronautical science but I have done reasearch and no other colleges are as good as riddle. Any other suggestions for colleges on he west half of the United States. Thanks.


I’m hoping to go to Central Washington University eventually, when I get to College…

Hnederson State is a good school. part 141 and can get an ATP at 1000 hours. its in the south central US and may be something that one can afford.

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Hi, I currently attend Embry-Riddle at the Daytona Campus. It is expensive, and the flight training is rough. Do not expect to form the greatest bond with your instructor, as from my experience. The more experienced instructors, who are more relaxed, can rotate out in the middle of your training, which is what happened to me. They get replaced by young instructors who are literally by the book. The classes and teachers are great here, and Daytona is largely understood as the better of the two campuses. Prescott has been rumored to be somewhat lacking in extracurricular activities, but that is not for me to say. I am an Alaska resident, and Alaska has a college by the name of UAA, University of Alaska Anchorage. They recently started a professional flying program, and the way it is structured will be far cheaper than schools like ERAU, however, you will miss out on the reputation. Furthermore, the flying experience you will gain flying in the Alaskan conditions may be far more valuable than reputation in my opinion. Also, the aviation community in Alaska, like the aviation community in general, is tight-knit, possibly leading to better opportunities for internships if that is what you want. If you want more info about it, you can PM me or search for yourself. I think I have gone outside the realms of your question, but I hope this information was helpful.


Much appreciated. Thanks.

just to lyk:
the fastest way to become a pilot isn’t going to a university but rather joining an airline cadets program

I did know that but A: none accept people under 18. And B: all the good ones are in Europe and me going to Europe alone at the age of 16. Well. I don’t think my mom will allow unless you find one that will take 16 Year olds @antek

Or on that note. Are their any good cadet programs in the States that take kids under 18?

Civil Air Patrol. I recommend looking at that


unfortunately, many airline cadet programs will require at least a high school diploma so it will be extremely hard to find a program would accept you BUT just like @N1DG had said, the Civil Air Patrol is a great option for youths such as yourself

The many that they have here at ERAU want you to also have your private pilot license.

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Try get into the us Air Force they would pay your fees

I’d have my high school diploma when I go. I’ll just be 16.

Is it true that they make you start your training over if you’re halfway through your ppl?

Not really, they will do a check to see your proficiency with certain maneuvers, and a check instructor will determine where you can start from. I have not personally experienced this, so I cannot say for sure.


Hi I’m an FO at a major airline (Please don’t ask it is for privacy reasons)
One thing I have come to know is that airlines don’t really care about whether or not u went an aeronautical college.
In fact, they would much rather have a Harvard or Cambridge graduate than one from Embry Riddle!
I got all of my licences from PPL to ATPL at my local airfield.
Anyhow, I wish u good luck 😉


Thanks for the advice. The only reason I’m looking for an aeronautical college is because I don’t want to get a degree in anything else. If their is an airline that will take me at 16, and train me for 3 Years and start flying at 19. I’d love to do that. But nobody will,(unless you know someone😂) which is why I’m looking at riddle and und.

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No one will hire a 19 year old as a commercial pilot for an airline. You’ll need 1,000-1500 hours and an ATP which you can’t get till your 21 and an atp at 23 I believe

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Right. I do think it’s 23. I’m probably going to go to a 4 year, I’ll graduate when I’m 20. And I’ll probably be a CFI gaining hours that way.

The main question for me is where will I go for the 4 years😂