Aviation College Majors/Degrees

I would definitely go to an FAA part 141 flight school. This way you can get into the airlines faster at 1.000 hours where you can earn your R-ATP instead of 1.500 hours. I recommend Henderson State University, since I go there and its a great school with great people. I can definitely say the education and flight training is great. Its also a smaller school with about 80 aviation majors on the professional pilot track with about 120 aviation majors. let me know if you want too know more.


I am not in an aviation college yet, but from what I have heard, from a captain’s source, getting an engineering degree whether that be an aeronautical engineering degree or some sort, that is highly recommended. A math degree would benefit, but the captain I was speaking to said a degree in math doesn’t matter as much as a physics or engineering degree.

That is info I have heard. As long as you balance your academic and other activities in a healthy and balanced way, you can do anything. Absolutely anything. You just have to have the passion and intelligence which I know you have.

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Would it also be wise to take AP Calculus AB and/or AP physics C in high school?

Calculus? Eh, you could to get college credits but it is not mandatory for a pilot position. Physics might be wise. A/P physics would definitely put you ahead of the game.

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It wouldn’t hurt. I only had to take College Algebra and Elementary Statistics in college. Those were my only 2 math courses. And I suppose you could classify Aerodynamics a science/math class.


@DeerCrusher I am pretty sure Elementary Statistics isn’t mandatory for an airline pilot job, is it? Maybe it depends on the college you attend?

It was mandatory for my degree. 😂


College board .com says that AP AB is reccomended for careers in aviation

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I disagree with that website. I never took physics or any of that AP crap. I breezed through my aerodynamics stuff. Which is probably the most math/phiysics class you’ll ever take in aviation depending on the school. Plug and chug is all it is.

Could very from flight school to flight school but I doubt it’s that different.

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