Aviation Capital's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A (WRITTEN & PRACTICAL PASSED)

Aviation Capital’s ATC Tracking Thread

Hi there! I am very excited to announce that I have officially passed my practical exam for IFATC! I am very excited to continue improving my skills in the Expert Server and would like to thank everyone who came to any of my training sessions. Special thanks to my trainer @TaipeiGuru and my recruiter @Bobby, you guys helped me the most and I wouldn’t have been able to become a member of IFATC without you both! :)


Hey there,
I was N428OP. Overall, I thought you did pretty well. There were only a couple comments:

  • On my first runway change, I was on the upwind and requested 35L. You had me enter right downwind. You could of had me cross to a left downwind but didn’t, no problem with that.

  • When I requested to switch back to 35R, you had me enter right downwind. This was good, as I was on the upwind leg, and you had another aircraft in the pattern for 35L.

  • You had the other aircraft request a switch to 35R, while I was rolling on the runway. You had them enter right downwind, effectively crossing my path as I was lifting off. As you saw, this created a conflict and you gave a late extend-upwind and didn’t provide sequencing so I wasn’t sure initially if I should turn in front of the traffic or let them pass. An earlier sequence would have been helpful or have the other traffic enter left downwind and then sequence the two of us appropriately would have avoided any conflict.

  • After both aircraft were on 35R, my clearance included a pattern direction which was unnecessary since I was told to make right traffic when I originally switched to 35R.

  • When both aircraft called full stops, you gave me a could different directions, a “I’ll call your base” would have been sufficient. A bigger issue is even though you gave G-PATV an expedited exit, they did a full rollout. As you can see on the replay, he was still on the runway as I was about to touchdown that is why I called the go-around. Keep an eye out for that and proactively send an aircraft around if necessary.

  • The runway exit instruction came at 30 knots. This should be given around 60 knots.

Your sequencing was correct, just a little delayed in some scenarios. You should continue to work on sequencing with multiple aircraft and potential conflict awareness. Overall, I thought you did pretty well and have definitely have the basics down. You’re well on your way and I hope to see you in IFATC soon.


Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it and will continue to work on my ATC skills.

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Hi, I was N269LO

  • great ground awareness
  • exit runway command could have been a little earlier

You did really good. Keep up the good work,

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Thanks for the feedback!

I told you to exit runway at around 38 kts, is that not correct?

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It was correct but try to aim for closer to 60. You seem to have really good control over your airspace so I was just being picky.

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Oo ok. Thanks! ;)

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Hey @Aviation_Capital!

I was ETVA001 today. You have great ATC skills! Everything was excellent except “exit runway” command. Give it only when

  1. Aircraft requested landing clearance (not T&G)
  2. Aircraft speed is about 60-70 kts and pilot stopped to use reverse
  3. For all pilots on patterns, give this command only when they report “full stop”.
  4. From my ATC experience (please not that I am not an IFATC controller) I highly suggest to give “exit runway” only by watching aircraft on map or with a camera view. You gave me this command when I was climbing.

In overall, you have great potential to become one of IFATC controllers. in the nearest future! You have a good knowledge base and you know how to put it into practice. It only remains to work out the minor mistake and you are ready for the test!

Good luck on the test!

— Feurum, which have crashed on a downwind 🤣

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I realized that as soon as I did it haha. (twice)
But thanks for the clarification! ;)

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howdy there!
my callsign was THICCY i did the lil pattern in the 738.

-really speedy and accurate response on the ground, you keep things going!
-after touching down however, i didnt recieve a handoff to ground. in fact i had to sit and contact ground myself, but not a big deal at all ez fix

-just my opinion: you have good speed and accuracy but I think when it comes to managing both ground and tower theres a bit of practice to get used to controlling both.

other than that youre doing AMAZING and keep it up bro

ps sorry about the landing u didnt deserve to see that 😑


Hi @maeyo!

I believe that this was at the end of my session and had been controlling for about 2 hours.

Yea haha I am still getting used to switching back and forth and trying to keep an easy flow throughout the airspace/airport.

Thanks! ;)

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I think you don’t have a good connection

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I do have a good connection, for some reason it just crashed. :/

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@Alejandro_Castaneda It crashed again, restarting my device. Standby

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Open @ LFPG until 2020-05-19T06:00:00Z

Hey there, I was the SpiceJet aircraft.
You did well on everything pretty much.
2 things:

  • you forgot to sequence Air France 7 behind me, to follow traffic on left base runway 09R (runway 09r, #2 traffic to follow is on left base) -this should have been said.
  • late runway exit. 60-70kts is appropriate.

But overall it was job well done! Thanks for your controlling. Good luck to becoming an IFATC :)

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Hi @Vignesh_S, thanks for the feedback!

You were nearly upon the threshold when I realized that I had not sequenced Air France 7, but by then it was too late to sequence them.

I was clearing Air France 337 for takeoff, which was why I gave a late runway exit.

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Open @ KSJC until 2020-05-22T22:30:00Z

@MattPHX @Feurum @Alejandro_Castaneda @maeyo @Vignesh_S


Thanks for opening San Jose! 😃
It’s my favorite airport and I’m glad it’s getting some recognition

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No problem! ;)