Aviation Camp Day 4 (out of 5)

Day 4 was incredible!

We toured the
Indianapolis Airport Fire Department! Very nice firefighters, and a beautiful facility. In the middle of a speech, there was a medical call in the airport, and they were off! I have some pretty cool pictures from the Fire Department! After that, we visited the AAR maintenance facility. I saw a Cargolux parked there. The queen of the sky! Beautiful plane! One hall (of the AAR facility)is a mile long with a bunch of Southwest planes. I couldn’t take any pictures, because of security reasons, but it was an amazing experience! Trust me. 😎 The next maintenance facility we visited was Republic Airlines. They have a smaller building but it’s still very beautiful. I toured an EMB 170/175, and it was amazing! The tour was quick because the plane had to be taxied to the gate and it was scheduled to go to KLGA. LaGuardia.

Overall, it was a hot, productive, and fun day!

I can’t wait to share day 5 with you tomorrow. The last day. 😳

Link to AAR Indianapolis (to get a better understanding): http://www.aarcorp.com/



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