Aviation Business ideas [Comment Ideas for the Community]

Hello everyone. Today, i am reaching out to see what type of aviation businesses people can start/create at home. The reason i bring this up is i’ve always been curious to start a company and i know a lot of other people who want to as well. So this can be used for all the people who want to make a aviation business/company from home. Any ideas, list them below for myself and the whole community of infinite flight!

Maybe buy some model aircraft for the display? 🤔 Not the best idea.


I would start an airline, but I need quite a lot of money to do that :(

On a serious note, you may be able to create an app about aviation. Such as an ATC game or flight simulator (would take a lot of work though).


Nice ideas. Thanks. Like it’s hard to explain exactly what i want because quite frankly i don’t know what i want to do lol.

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You could buy old airplane parts and make it into furniture and other items. The current businesses doing this have extraordinary prices so maybe you could master the low cost aviation inspired furniture.


Few options…Open a short regional airline if you have the time and effort. Model planes as someone suggested or maybe fixing planes!


I have a multimillion dollar answer however, you need to demonstrate how much you like aviation because it doable but demanding task. PM me with something that shows your passion


Wonder what that is 🤔

My idea for you would be that you should buy some models, and then sell them for $5 or $10 dollars more than what you bought it for. You would make little profit, but you could also make big bucks slowly


Wouldn’t they just go look for it online? They may not have the time though. Great idea though.

My idea would to be to open a merchandise shop online, maybe on www.infinite-flight.com!

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But wait, wouldn’t that be considered price gouging?

@nativetoalaska yes, I think it would be illegal. @AllegiantAir you have to sell it at the RRP.

Merchandise is the way to go in my opinion. I have multiple Shopify drop-shopping stores working at the moment selling all sorts of stuff. Nothing aviation related, however. (Yet!) You can buy stuff at dirt cheap prices and sell them at 300% profit margins with quite literally minimal effort. You do need to be a good salesman to do this, so it may not be for everyone.

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Not if you sell it online, there is nothing wrong with buying a product and selling it for a higher price.

In England, you can’t.

You can resell for more on eBay ;)

I would start a subsidiary of an airline with lots of money, a good reputation and a good livery.

It would have a fleet of:


It would operate routed like MSP-MAN or IAD-YVR.

So you’re suggesting creating a real world airline?

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Well not really, its just an idea.