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Hello everyone, I’m Brandon and I’m the Co-Founder of Canadian Spotting. Canadian Spotting is a website which is dedicated in providing you once a week with a summary of what happened in the aviation world. We try to cover as much as we can but we mostly focus on major news. We also feature spotting photos from our home airports, me being from Vancouver, and my friend, the founder of Canadian Spotting, in Montreal. As we are Canadian based independent journalists we mostly focus on news concerning Canadian and US aviation however we still talk about worldwide events. You can check out our most recent AvNews post here:

On the website you will find our home page which leads to the Portfolio. In the portfolio the photos are categorized by cities, respectively. As well as a wallpapers section. Following the Portfolio, there is media, which is my friend and I’s Instagram accounts. Then comes the blog where we post weekly summaries of aviation news. Our about page follows then a Donation section, we don’t ask for much, maybe just as little as $1. Finally, our contact page where you could email us any problems, or use the LiveChat feature to talk to one of us live.

Here are a few photos from our website:




Those are simply Amazing Photos!! What Camera do you Use though?

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Those look so awesome xD

my favorite is the KLM 789

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Don’t forget to put this under #real-world-aviation:spotting

Awesome photos! I’ll give the website a look I always enjoy seeing photos from Canadian airports, especially Montréal or Vancouver.

I use a Canon EOS Rebel T2i with a EFS 55-250mm lens, my friend also uses an EFS 55-250mm lens but with a Canon Rebel SL1

Roger dodger.

Thanks 😁


Nice job catching the Air Canada 787-9 in New Livery! It’s beautiful:-)


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