Aviation App Ideas

If you click on airport symbol on flightradar24 you get info for delays, cancellation, traffic amount…all that

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Yeah the only problems is that where I live is full of trees so a 360 degree view is never possible.

Isn’t that just like FLTtoIF or whatever it is?

View for what? Ads-b?

FR24 requires you to have a complete 360 view of the sky. Also there are no ADS-B receivers for $10 online.

It works on radio signals. You don’t need view. Just good reception…more like closer to air traffic area. If you put external antenna like wifi…You get longer coverage

Yes, but for Mobile, and would automatically program IF to the desired FPL

Right ok then, thanks

“have a 360 degree unobstructed view of the sky” - FR24 requirement.

They just says that so people living in block of flats don’t apply for free radar…It’s signal, same as any radio wave.

What currency is that in?

Does that include being surrounded by trees though? My house in direction under the approach path from YSSY runway 16L and R from YMML so they go over regularly but the house in basically in a very light forest.

You living in perfect location… most feeders live far from airports

Right ok but I’m pretty sure that being surrounded by tress defeats the 360 degree unobstructed view of the sky, doesn’t it?

Nope. Not everyone lives in desert…search how many users ads-b receiver they get data from. More likely everybody surrounded by building or trees. If you apply for pack and 1yr gold subs, you would get easily

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Ok, I’ve applied for the receiver, now to see if it’ll be approved.

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Only reason they could decline you, if they already have too many feeders in your area. Anyways, nothing to loose trying.

Yep true, I mean we already have good coverage here (I use the app for the Sydney area (where I live) all the time).

again, Its not that.
Let’s say That I want to buy a flight on a Airbus A220, I would go on the website and put My desired plane and region, then It would search available flights with only that plane. (Flights which I have to book to fly on)