Aviation App Ideas

Hey IFC,
I’m currently doing a business assignment where we are required to make a real or fake business and provide a plan/report on it.
My question is if I was to create an aviation app on the app store, what you like it to be about/focused upon. Please comment below.

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i would proberly focus more on the service aspect like free wifi

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I’m a year 11 business student, I can’t change that sorry. I’m focused solely on an aviation app.


Were you the person who posted the story of the pilot in a coma and then crashed the plane? That was really good. I’ll reply further when I got some more ideas.

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Maybe like an app where you can find flights by Planes (etc. LOT 737-400 LHR-WAW)

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I would be interested in a simple aviation news app! That would be awesome! :)


Just checking, you want an app, or some other “business to open”, for the project.

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Yes that was me, thanks mate!

Don’t you mean like FR24?

Isn’t that like Aviation Herald?

Yes that is correct. I am still not sure if I’m going to make it a real for fake business.

in your assigment criteria do you get marked on creativity?

Not that I’m aware of although my teacher probably would give extra marks

No, something like them cheap booking websites but
You search up a plane (e.g 737-300) and region (Europe) and it will look for flights with that aircraft.

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Right ok, that would require software like ADS-B transmitters and other stuff of which I couldn’t get. Also that’s a massive terrorism issue.

You can get ads-b receiver for $10 on ebay.and all over internet.

It’s completely legal to use them. With out people using them, flight radar24 wouldn’t exist. You can get free ads-b receiver plus 1yr subs for flight radar24 if you plug one of them to internet 24/7 share the data from your local area.

An app suggestion is a new app which generates a Flight Plan, and transfers it to IF! That’d be cool!

I think a good app would be a travel tip app consisting of all the info every traveller needs. That app should help make travelling easier and more convenient as people are more informed of what to do and what not to do.


That’s actually a great idea. Like you can check your percentage of your flight being delayed while the app takes in wheather and other delays happening in the area or the airline