Aviation Analysis Episode 4: A318 vs 717-200

Hello. Today, we will be looking at the A318 once again, the winner of the last week’s episode, and the MD-95, one you may know better as the 717-200, the last aircraft designed by MD. Boeing’s own 737-600 lost to the A318, so let’s see how they did with the MD-95. Remember to keep track of the stars * to keep track of the score.
Adrian Pingstone, Wikipedia
AEMoreira04221, Wikipedia

  1. OEW
    A318: 87100lb
    717-200: 67500lb*
    The 717 weighs less, no words needed.
  2. MTOW
    A318: 150000lb*
    717-200: 11000lb
    The A318 can lift more, which is always better
  3. MLW
    A318: 126800lb*
    717-200: 100000lb
    The A318 can land heavier than the 717.
  4. Range
    A318: 5750km*
    717-200: 2645km
    The A318 can fly farther than the 717
  5. Service ceiling
    A318: 39800ft*
    717-200: 37000ft
    The A318 can fly higher than the 717
  6. Cargo Capacity
    A318: 21.2m
    717-200: 26.5m*
  7. Engines
    A318: CFM56-5B=6/1, PW6000A=5/1*
    717-200: Rolls Royce BR715=Unknown, but all other members of the BR700 family have bypass ratios lower than 5/1
  8. Seat Width
    A318: 18"
    717-200: 18"
    They have the same seat width, so neither gets the point.
  9. Technology
    A318: Full FBW systems, full glass cockpit, sharklets, optional HUDs*
    717-200: Full glass cockpit
    The A318 has more advanced technologies in greater number than the 717.
  10. Commonality
    A318: All modern Airbuses*
    717-200: MD90
    No words needed
  11. Takeoff runway distance
    A318: 5840ft*
    717-200: 6250ft
    The A318 can takeoff from a shorter runway
  12. Landing runway distance
    A318: 4040ft*
    717-200: 4600ft
    The A318 can also land on a shorter runway
  13. In service
    A318: 67
    717-200: 154*
    While not exactly groundbreaking, there are more 717s in service making it cheaper for maintenance reasons and spare parts are more common.
    The A318 also has steep approach capabilities, which the 717-200 does not. This makes it more flexible and is better. *
    A318: 11
    717-200: 3
    Despite the results that cleary give the A318 the advantage, the 717 outsold it by just as wide of a margin. This is likely as while the A318 may appear to be the overall better airplane for more airlines, it’s strengths have a much smaller market than the 717, as a shorthaul small plane that attempted to replace old DC-9s.The A318, while having better performance and better engines, is quite heavy as a shirnk and can’t carry as much cargo and didn’t sell as well, making it harder to maintain. In other words, the A318 may be better in more categories, but the categories that it is better in have a smaller market than the 717. It is entirely dependent to the airlines, and we can see how the market spoke. Do you guys have any feedback for me, any information that you feel that I got wrong or should have added or left out? Feel free to let me know down in the comments! But, keep this appropriate, respectful and no A vs B arguments! Thanks!

The a318 was released three years after the 717, that is probably why they are so different, in terms of specs and sales.

(also, I don’t think they were designed to compete with each other)


They weren’t designed to compete. A318 competes the 737-600 and the 717 or MD95 doesn’t really have one that I can think of

@JeromeJ @Reedgreat I held a poll and 717 vs A318 won out. They have similar sizes as planes below the 2 companies large planes and RJs. Yes, they had different capabilities and purposes but they are roughly a similar size.

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