Aviation Analysis Episode 3: A318 vs 737-600

Today, we will be looking at the smallest members of bitter rivals, the Boeing 737NG and the Airbus A320, the A318 and 737-600. Remember to keep track of the stars * to keep track of the score.
Adrian Pingstone, Wikipedia

Ben King, Wikipedia

  1. OEW
    A318: 87100lb
    737-600: 80200lb*
    The 737-600 weighs less, no words needed.
  2. MTOW
    A318: 150000lb*
    737-600: 144500lb
    The A318 can lift more, which is always better.
  3. MLW
    A318: 126800lb*
    737-600: 121500lb
    The A318 can land with more as well.
  4. Range
    A318: 5750km
    737-600: 5991km*
    The 737-600 can fly farther than the A318.
  5. Service ceiling
    A318: 39800ft
    737-600: 41000ft*
    The 737-600 can fly higher than the A318.
  6. Cargo capacity
    A318: 21.2m*
    737-600: 20.4m
    The A318 can carry more cargo than the 737-600.
  7. Engines
    A318: CFM56-5B=6/1, PW6000A=5/1*
    737-600: CFM56-7B=5.5/1
    The CFM engine on the A318 is more efficient and customers have a choice, whereas the exclusive engine on the 737-600 is less efficient than the CFM option.
  8. Seats Width
    A318: 18"*
    737-600: 17"
    It is objectively better to have a wider seats.
  9. Technology
    A318: FBW systems, full glass cockpit, sharklets, optional HUDs*
    737-600: Full glass cockpit, optional HUDs
    The A318 has advanced FBW systems and can be eqquiped with sharklets, while the 737-600 lacks all of that.
  10. Commonality
    A318: Same type with A320 family, A320NEO family, and common type rating with A330 and A340, and probably similar to A350 and A380. In other words, all modern Airbuses*
    737-600: 737 family
    No words
  11. Takeoff runway distance
    A318: 5840ft*
    737-600: 6161ft
    The A318 can takeoff from a shorter runway, making it more flexible than the 737-600
  12. Landing runway distance
    A318: 4040ft*
    737-600: 4402ft
    The A318 can also land on a shorter runway as well
    13: In service
    A318: 67*
    737-600: 49
    While not exactly groundbreaking, there are more A318s in service making it cheaper for maintenance reasons and spare parts are more common.
  13. Total operators
    A318: 5 airlines plus private customers*
    737-600: 5 airlines
    A318 gains the win as it overall has more customers as it has the same number of commercial customers but also has customers as an ACJ
  14. Cost
    A318: 77.4m
    737-600: 57m*
    The Boeing is cheaper to aqquire
    The A318 also has steep approach capabilities, which the 737-600 does not. This makes it more flexible and is better. *
    A318: 12
    737-600: 4
    There is a reason the 737-600 was outsold by the A318. The A318 is more flexible, can lift more, has steep approach capabilities, has more customers, there are more of them flying, it has more efficient engines on average, is more advanced, and is more comfortable for passengers. However, the 737-600 is not without it’s advantages. It is far cheaper to acquire, can fly farther and higher, and weighs less. However, both of these aircraft were failures, and for a reason, as they were both essentially double shrinks intending to compete with aircraft purpose built for that market, and these 2 aircraft just could not compete with them. The A318 may have been an overall better choice for more airlines, as shown in the order books, but it is dependent on airlines and their individual needs, as it may vary greatly. Do you guys have any feedback for me, any information that you feel that I got wrong or should have added or left out, or even any suggestions for furture Aviation Analysis episodes? Feel free to let me know down in the comments! But, keep this appropriate, respectful and no A vs B arguments! Thanks!

Well, this time, the 737 is losing again…

I have a good one for an episode…

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Awesome! What is it?

Airbus A380 vs Boeing 747-8i (I know it’s common).

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It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when ;)

Ok, I understand you, when will we do it? Will we do it the next episode or not?

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Likely not for sometime, trying to do it in a logical order, so that it is not like CRJ vs ERJ and then 787 vs A330 or something like that.

How about next episode you should compare the L1011, the DC-10, and the MD-11 for an interesting one.


Nice topic. Which outsold each other in terms of airframes delivered?

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