Aviation Analysis Episode 2: CS300 vs 737 MAX 7

So, last episode, I compared the A319NEO vs the 737 MAX 7, and the 737 MAX 7 came out on top. Link to that post is here Aviation Analysis Episode 1: A319NEO vs 737 MAX 7
Today, we will be looking at the Airbus/Bombardier CS300 and the 737 MAX 7. Don’t forget to

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  1. OEW
    737 MAX 7-Unknown
    The point goes to the CS300 as while we don’t really know the OEW of the 737 MAX 7, the CS300 is made primarly out of composite materials, and appears to be a tad bit smaller
  2. MTOW
    737 MAX 7-177000lb*
    The 737 MAX 7 can simply lift more. Moving on!
  3. MLW
    737 MAX 7-145600lb*
    The 737 MAX 7 wins this one as well as it can land with more as well.
  4. Range
    737 MAX 7-7130km*
    The 737 MAX 7 can fly farther than the CS300.
  5. Service ceiling
    737 MAX 7-41000ft
    They can fly at the same altitude
  6. Cargo capacity
    737 MAX 7-32.45m*
    737 MAX can hold more cargo, very important for some missions
  7. Engines
    737 MAX 7-CFM LEAP 1B=9/1
    The CS300 has a more efficient geared turbofan engine with a higher bypass ratio.
  8. Seat Width
    737 MAX 7-17"
    On average, the CS300 would fit a wider seat. That is objectively better.
  9. Technology
    CS300-FBW systems, geared turbofans, optional HUDs, advanced glass cockpit, composite materials*
    737 MAX 7-Optional HUDs, 787 style glass cockpit
    The CS300 has more advanced technology equipped with FBW systems and is made out of composites
  10. Commonality
    CS300-CSeries, planned with all future Airbus clean sheet aircraft*
    737 MAX 7-737 MAX families*
    The 737 MAX 7 has commonality with more planes, but future Airbus designs will have commonality with the CSeries
  11. Window size
    737 MAX 7-The Points Guy
    No words needed
  12. Orders
    737 MAX 7-Less than 100
    There are more of these on order meaning that on average, maintenance and parts are cheaper and easier to come by.
  13. Cost
    737 MAX 7-96m
    Wonk wonk. Another for the CS300.
    737 MAX 7-5
    Based on these findings, the CS300 is a much better options for most airlines. It is much lighter, has a greater amount of more advanced technologies, is better for passengers, and is cheaper to purchase and maintain. However, the 737 MAX 7 can lift more, can fit more cargo, and can fly farther. The 737 MAX 7 is in trouble however, as the and the A319NEO can guarantee Airbus an advantage over Boeing in this market segment. However, it does overall depend on the needs of individual airlines. Do you guys have any feedback for me, any information that you feel that I got wrong or should have added or left out, or even any suggestions for furture Aviation Analysis episodes? Feel free to let me know down in the comments! But, keep this appropriate, respectful and no A vs B arguments! Thanks!

Wow. Really awesome, thanks for posting this!! 😀😀


Do CRJ1000 VS CS100… because they have similar capacities

Yaaaa go Bombardier!

Who said that I wasn’t going to, one day ;)

I’m impressed. Though different ac wins depending on what you concider, that’s it. Cargo for instance could also be divided by plane size, to make the comparison fair, and you can mention the feulbrun per seat, as that is important aswell:)

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Goo bombardier

P.S. IM Canadain

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