Aviation Analysis Episode 1: A319NEO vs 737 MAX 7

Hey guys. This is my first episode in a series that I am planning, in which I compare 2 aircraft and decide which is better for the largest group of airlines. This is not intending to spark an A vs B debate, and I will compare other aircraft from different manufactures in the future. Also, keep in mind that this is an objective comparison using facts, rather than subjective opinions. Also, keep in mind that this entirely depends on the individual needs of airlines, and this simply helps predict which is more attractive to more airlines. Keep track of the stars* to keep track of the score. So, with that in kind, lets go on the the show.
Max Seating Capacity
A319NEO-160 Seats
737 MAX 7-172 Seats*
Cargo Capacity
A319NEO-27m cubed*
737 MAX 7-32.45m Cubed*
(Both get a point as the A319NEO can hold pallets unlike the 737 MAX 7, but has less usable area.)
737 MAX 7-88.5T*
737 MAX 7-72.8T*
737 MAX 7-7130km*
Service Ceiling
737 MAX 7-41000ft*
Cabin width
737 MAX 7-3.54m
Cabin amenities
A319NEO-Mood lighting, large bins, Airspace Cabins available in 2020*
737 MAX 7-Boeing Sky Interior
737 MAX 7-96million*
On order
737 MAX 7-Less than 100, unclear the exact amount
A319NEO-FBW systems, geared turbofan, optional HUDs, glass cockpit with 6 displays*
737 MAX 7-Optional HUDs, 787 style glass cockpit
A319NEO-Same type rating with A320NEO family, A320 family, common type rating with A330, A340, A330NEO*
737 MAX 7-Same type rating with 737 MAX family, 737 family
737 MAX 7-7
Based on these findings, it would appear that the 737 MAX 7 would likely be a better choice for most airlines. It has better range, is cheaper to purchase, cn fly higher, can land at higher weights, and can lift more. However, the A319NEO is a formidable competitor, and will not be a complete loser against the 737 MAX 7, as it does have more advanced technologies, better commonality with more aircraft, seems to be somewhat more comfortable, and can carry pallets. What is interesting is that Boeing actually redesigned the MAX 7, which is likely why it is so much bigger and a better match against the A319NEO than the 737-700 against the A319. The 737 MAX has some intense competition from Airbus, and Boeing better be on their feet. Do you guys have any feedback for me, any information that you feel that I got wrong or should have added or left out, or even any suggestions for furture Aviation Analysis episodes? Feel free to let me know down in the comments! But, keep this appropriate, respectful and no A vs B arguments! Good night!


My suggestion would be qualitative analysis not quantatative analysis. Points can help show which is “better” at surface value, but will definitely disadvantage the smaller plane. Try doing it with the A320neo and B737MAX and the would A320 score higher.

Good attempt though, I like the in-depth and wide range of comparisons. Heres a cookie 🍪

and please do not do A350 vs B787. They compete in different markets :)


You should also take into consideration that there are multiple variants of the 737MAX.

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Yes, but this is specifically comparing 2 specific variants, and not families. I also feel like comparing variants allows for more consistency and more creativity, and allows the series to go on for longer ;)

So, do you suggest that I take out the Max Capacity category?

Hey guys, Aviation Analysis Episode 2 is out. Check that out!

You can still include it, is still useful to guage which markets each plane is in. Maybe don’t give a point for it.

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