Aviation Airways Virtual

Hello! I Finally became a Member yesterday, and I have been waiting for this moment to finally create my airline!

Aviation Airways Virtual

Who are we? Aviation Airways is a non-real life airline based at Quad City in the Chicago Region. We love aviation, and we would like to spread our love of Aviation, to our pilots who join the Airline!

Our fleet consists of different types of aircraft we have chosen as our starting fleet:
Airbus A318
Airbus A321
Bombardeir Dash 8 Q-400

If you decide to join our airline, we have provided our emails for people to contact us.
Thank your for viewing our airline. Again, if you are interested to join, go to our website, scroll to the bottom, and our email’s will be there. Thank you!

Founder (CEO): @Daniel_Cerritos
Co-Founder: @Bluepanda900

Website (View Requirements in the “Fleet and Crew Ranking” page):

P.S It would be great if people provided some feedback about the website, as it would help me improve on it. Thanks :)


You shouldn’t rush into it. VA need a lot of planning. You should try and start with a small fleet as that is quite a big fleet to start up woth


I have been planning since I first saw that I can make a VA. When you start, you are restricted to the Dash 8 until you become a captain :D. So, I kind of planned that out.

Make the restriction for both Dash 8 and 717, that way people who haven’t bought anything can still fly for your VA.

How would you like me to restrict both the Dash 8 and 717?

Yeah, bad wording on my part. You know how it says you can only fly Dash 8 until you’re a captain? Make it able to fly the 717 as well during that period for those without a dash 8.

So you want me to put the 717 and Dash 8 as a novice?

Pretty much, yeah. Take Qantas VA for example.

Thanks for the feedback :). I’ll change that when i have time.

You’re welcome! Good luck with the Va!

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Alright. I changed it.

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I would say leave the 717 to captains lol. It’s the hardest plane to fly imo.

hmm? the 717 for a Captain rank?

Yeah, it’s hard to fly.

The website looks good, just spotted some spelling mistakes here and there.

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Thanks for the feedback. I will look into it, and change it tomorrow morning if I can remember (I live in the Eastern US)

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How many members have joined?

still only you and me… No one joined yet.

Really 😮! I was gonna ask if you were gonna compete in the World Cup lol.