Aviation Airways VA Brand New Website (PUBLISHED!)

View our brand new website here: https://danielcerritos52.wixsite.com/aviation-ariways-va

Hello Community members,

Aviation Airways announced that we would be creating a Brand new website that will replace the current one that we have, which will be deleted (or saved).
We would like to present you Screenshots of the brand new Website against our old one, and we hope you like the new one, as it’s a major improvement to making our airline more professional.

Screenshots will show both New and old ones in order to see the differences better

Front Page

Brand new, clean Front Page that will greet newcomers to our airline

The Current front page
Global Update (Revamped and Updated)

Completely revamped our Global announcement Category with Pictures from FDS credited

Important information regarding what will be affected when Global is released

Showing our Changes to our Hub’s and Focus City operations

Our Future Global Hubs, with future routes

Statement regarding on how we will accommodate our Staff and Pilots once Global Released

Our Current Global Update page
Fleet Update for Both Private and Commercial

New layout with improved screenshots of every aircraft in our fleet

Updated photos of our Fleet

Our Flagship Airplane, the Boeing 787-8

Statement on our Modern Fleet

Brand new Aviation Airways Private Fleet page

Full Sized pictures of our Private Airplanes in our Private fleey

Statement regarding our Private Fleet

Current Fleet page
Pilot Rankings (Reworked)

Brand new and updated Pilot Ranking system
36 PM
Updated ranking for Private Pilots
45 PM
Better Recruiting statement. Will you join and become our next best Pilot?

Current Outdated Pilot ranking system
About and Contact Page

Brand new About Page, detailing who we are and our mission

An “I’m Interested to Join” line for people who want to join, with directions on where to apply
13 AM
Brand new Contact Page
18 AM
Current About and Contact page (About in Main Page and Contact is usually on the bottom footer)
Corporate Airlines VA History (Revamped)
For @Jacob_Van_Zanten
53 AM
Brand new layout for Corporate Airlines VA (Defunct) Detailing about the History and Operations of CORP

Final Flight of Corporate Airlines VA

Corporate Airlines Final flight and when the airline Ceased Operations

Current Corporate Airlines Page
New Selection Screen

Completely new selection screen. Click on where you need to go from this new page

Under Construction
We are still working on the Website, we are currently working on our Charter and Cargo page at the Moment, but we will share screenshots of what they look like now vs before

New Cargo and Charter services page (Under Construction)

Current Aviation Airways Charter page (Notice Cargo does not exist in the old one. We do in fact do Cargo Ops)

We really hope you like the new look of our website, and feedback will be appreciated! Thank you to the IFVARB for approving us to post an update about our website.

We look forward to accepting new Pilots soon once Global Releases, as for now, we can only accept Private Pilot and Cargo Pilot applications, as we have suspended Commercial Flights until Global releases.
Thank you again for viewing this topic, and we hope you liked the screenshots!

Aviation Airways CEO Daniel Cerritos


Just a link to your Webpage would be great! Along with a List of New features on it instead of many pictures :)


We haven’t launched it yet, as it’s still under construction, but thank you for the note :). I like to visually see the differences, which is why I posted a lot of Screenshots.

Don’t you have a thread that you can post this on?

I asked for the old one to be closed so I can make this one.

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I can clearly see that a lot of work was put into this website so good job 👏

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Thank you very much :) I have been working on it since yesterday.

As mentioned above, it looks great but I have a couple of suggestions.

  1. Black background on IF Logo


As you can see here, there is a black background for the IF logo, which sorta ruins the modern and clean aesthetic you achieved so well. DM me for one with no background and black text etc.

  1. Global (Coming soon)

Maybe just rename it to something like Global Preperations, to let people know what you as a VA are doing for global.

Cheers, Pidge.


Thank you so much for your feedback! I Appreciate your feedback and will make the changes :)

If you can’t find a IF Logo with a transparent Background, this website editor is great! http://www196.lunapic.com/editor/?action=transparent


Your new website certainly looks much more sleek and professional. Great job and congrats!

However this thread is extremely cluttered with pictures. It would’ve been better to post just two photos featuring the before and after of the front page of the website, and provide your website link for interested individuals to further explore.

Thank you for your feedback, I have a bad habit of posting a lot of photos, I like to visually share the differences.

I understand. I myself would also want to showcase a work that I’ve put so much effort into. No worries!

Hi everyone! I have published my website and now anyone can view it! Go on and explore our glorious, shiny new website here:

We have added special links to go back and fourth from our Old Website to our new one!
40 PM
Visit our old website link
49 PM
Visit our new website link

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Looks great! Although there is a small bug on the top bar on mobile devices:


Is this on iPad? I tried to fix it and I guess it doesn’t want to cooperate :/. It’s a button to go to the home menu.

It’s on an 8 inch tablet with a 4 by 3 aspect ratio, same as ipad.

Well, unfortunately wix only has a Mobile preview… I wish it had a tablet preview so I could fix it. It looks better on Mobile though

Speaking of Mobile, I now have to fix it due to issues :/. Sorry guys, I guess Mobile doesn’t like to look professional

FYI it’s Laban not Laben ;)

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