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In order for me to do that, PM me how many flights go to the destinations and what airplanes are used. Use my screenshot as a reference (second table)

This is only meant for regional routes


I’ll try and get that to you tomorrow night :)


Announcing brand new Routes from Manchester, NH, Cleveland, OH, and Denver, CO

Check out the brand new Routes below! We will be putting this on our website soon.

Source: http://www.cbre.us/people-and-offices/corporate-offices/miami

Announcing New Non-Stop service to Miami, FL

Today, we announce new Non-Stop Service to Miami, FL from Manchester, NH and Cleveland, OH.

All these flights will be 2x daily on the Boeing 737-800 (From Manchester, NH) and Airbus A320 (From Cleveland, OH), respectively from Both Locations starting today

Source: https://www.homeaway.com/d/31/phoenix

Announcing Non-Stop Seasonal Service to Phoenix, AZ

Today, we also Announce new Seasonal Non-Stop Service from Cleveland, OH.
The flight’s to Phoenix, AZ will be on a Boeing 737-700 1x daily starting today.

Source: http://www.100resilientcities.org/cities/st-louis/

Announcing Non Stop Service to St. Louis, MO

We announce Non-Stop Service to St. Louis from Manchester, NH and Cleveland, OH.
Both will use the Airbus A319 aircraft and will be 2x daily starting today
Source: https://www.sweetmagnoliatours.com/shop/tours/vacation-packages/new-orleans-vacation-package/

Announcing Non-Stop Seasonal Service to New Orleans, LA

The final Route Announcement for our Routes
We announce Non-Stop Seasonal Service to New Orleans from All our hubs in Manchester, NH, Denver, CO, and Cleveland, OH.
From Manchester, we will fly the Airbus A321, From Cleveland, we will use the Boeing 737-700, and the Airbus A319 from Denver.
These flights begin today, and will be 3x daily.

We have made our decision to serve these cities from Demand. We hope you will enjoy these new cities and we will be deciding what the next place we will fly to

Aviation Airways VA - Daniel Cerritos


Source (In Spanish): https://www.elsalvador.com/noticias/negocios/165519/ee-uu-retira-apoyo-a-cepa-para-ampliacion-de-aeropuerto/
After some time thinking about our next Hub airport, we have chosen our First ever International Airport outside of the United States!

We have decided to establish our other hub in El Salvador in Central America. Why El Salvador? Well, that’s where our CEO’s family comes from, and why not continue the tradition and base our Virtual Airline in El Salvador’s Only International Airport.

With flights to the US and select International Destinations, El Salvador is a place you must visit, with beautiful beaches and beautiful scenery. Along with lot’s of things to do, El Salvador is a beautiful place with a good community.

Our First flight to San Salvador commences tomorrow! We have already based several airplanes at MSLP since we serve San Salvador from our existing airports

Here is a table of which places will be served over the years beginning tomorrow

We hope to serve the many people who will fly into and out of San Salvador to more destinations than ever.

-CEO Daniel Cerritos
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That is very nice! Looks like fun. How about you fly to the
Galápagos Islands!


Welcoming our new CRJ900 to our regional fleet!

Aviation Airways is proud to announce that we have received our very first CRJ900!


The CRJ900 has the same exact features as the 700, meaning you’ll get the same comfort you will find on our CRJ700.

The CRJ900 has mood lighting, just like the 700!


The CRJ900 has nearly the same flying characteristics as the 700, but it is slightly different. Pilots who have been certified on the RJ700, will be required to undergo training to be certified on the RJ900

The CRJ900 also has the same, identical Cockipt as the RJ700. Pilots who are certified on the RJ700 will find the cockpit of the 900 remarkably similar.

The Cockpit is very similar to the 700


The CRJ900 will be parked next to the Siganture Hangers instead of at a gate. The CRJ900 will be on display for our pilots and Ramp Agents alike to take a look at this new airplane. The aircraft will debute soon, with the first route already planned

Flight # Route Status

This flight is set to depart in a couple of days.

Thank you for reading our thread. We hope to see you on a future Aviation Airways flight!

Aviation Airways
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Incredible! Can’t wait to see what AViation Airways has done with the CRJ-900. Also I am waiting to get tickets to fly to the Galápagos 😉


Huge Route expansion at DEN!

We have launched more than 20 new routes out of Denver! We now occupy most of Concourse A.
Most routes added were mainly Domestic, while some were International. We also started our Regional Airline in Concourse A, at the east end of the concourse, where most of our Regional operations will happen.

We also expanded our Cargo Ops at DEN significantly by launching new routes to many destinations Domestically, and Internationally.

Mainline Routes
Regional Routes
Cargo Routes

We hope to serve new places. You can suggest a new place via PM or through our website.

Thanks for viewing this update


The CRJ family is complete!

What have we been up to for the past couple of weeks?
You can see above that we have received our new Bombardier CRJ200 and CRJ1000!

Aviation Airways Express Fleet complete!

Our fleet has now been complete! We have the following aircraft in our Aviation Airways Express fleet:

Aircraft On Order PAX Delivered In Service
CRJ200 0 50 PAX August 2018 50
CRJ700 0 75 PAX May 2018 20
CRJ900 0 90 PAX June 2018 15
CRJ1000 0 100 PAX August 2018 15
DHB8 Q400 0 90 PAX July 2018 5

With these aircraft in our regional fleet, we can now fly to many destinations in the Continental United States and Canada! These airplanes will be based in all of our hubs, but our main Hanger for all these airplanes are in Denver.

Flying within Iceland

We have been flying test flights within Iceland with our Q400 regional airliner.
With great announcement we have decided to base two Q400’s in Reykjavik, Iceland! Most flights will depart to Small cities to help local residents fly to the main city of Reykjavik.

Flights will be out of the main terminal in BIKF.

Flight Number Aircraft Destination Status
AVE1967 Q400 Egilsstaðir Scheduled
AVE1976 Q400 Vopnafjörður Scheduled

These flights will depart early in the morning, and return to Reykjavik late at night. The first flight departs at 7:00am, and the last flight returns at 11:30pm in the night, and it repeats every day.

These routes will be Seasonal only. During non-peak times, the two Q400’s will be flown back to the US to be used on regional routes within the US until the season begins, in which the airplanes will then be flown back empty to Iceland.

We hope you have enjoyed our little update from us here at Aviation Airways. We always welcome those who want to fly and experience the world!

-Aviation Airways


Very nice to see this. Greece needs flights to the US too. How about you operate from LGRP (Rhodes), LGTS (Thessaloniki j and LGAV (Athens) to many US destinations.


United Airlines May have ended service to ORD, but we still offer flights to Chicago-O’hare!

We still offer daily CRJ200 service to ORD four flights a day. We occasionally will also send an A319 to ORD during the peak times in Winter.

Airline Destination Flights per day
Aviation Airways Seasonal: Chicago-O’Hare x1 A319 daily (Winter)
Aviation Airways Express Chicago-O’Hare x4 CRJ200 (x1 additional CRJ200 during peak travel)

We hope to see you on board soon!

this is not a real airline, and is meant as a joke, but our VA does offer flights to and from ORD. United is not affiliated with our VA


Looking for Pilots to join our VA!

We are looking for talented, young pilots to join our Virtual Airline.
Whether you’re in another VA, or just starting out, we welcome anyone into our Virtual Airline.

We are open, while we normally would have an application process, our current application process does not work as of now, so please PM me for any questions for alternate ways for applying to our VA

View our pilot rankings below:

We hope to see you join our crew soon!


1_w3orD9R_5SrFXdhfS4bcnA.jpeg960x580 263 KB

Source: https://medium.com/change-maker/to-my-resilient-city-and-people-of-syracuse-ny-93124b212f1f

Announcing New Non-Stop Service to Syracuse, NY

We are happy to announce new Non-Stop Service to Syracuse, NY!
We will be using the Bombardier CRJ family on this route from our Hubs at Manchester, Denver, and our Focus City Moline-Quad City.

We will do the following flights a day from each airport:

Aircraft Hub Flights a day
Bombardier CRJ200 Manchester, NH x4
Boeing 737-800 Denver, CO x1
Bombardier CRJ200 Moline-Quad City, IL x2

At SYR, we will occupy Gate’s 1, 3 and 15 in Concourse A.

Future Focus City?

We are planning our new Focus City, and we are looking for one not too far from our Hub in Ohio (Mostly for connections). We have a city in mind and we will announce more information once we have made a Final Decision.


We are looking for pilots to join our Growing Airline!

With new routes, means a necessity to keep people happy, and in order to do just that, we need Pilots to help fulfill our routes and keep passengers happy.

We are looking for those willing to commit in joining a Virtual Airline who are eager to begin flying and gain Experience while you fly.

To learn more, you can view our website here on Pilot Rankings:

We look forward to see you soon on board our aircraft!

Aviation Airways VA


I’ll tell you this much, there is a lot of good stuff coming! Lost of goodies!


Excuse our appearance as we update the website

We are In the Process of updating the Website. We will be updating the website to include new Content, as well as a News section so you can stay up to date on our progress.


A New, Refreshed Aviation Airways VA Experience…

We are updating the Airline, and have done some changes which will help the Virtual Airline grow as a VA even better than ever…

These new updates will help Pilots, Staff, and Passengers alike have a new, fresh start with our Airline.


Stay Tuned for a new and improved Virtual Airline Experience!


New thread in development. Stay tuned… 🤫