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Aviation Airways 2017 | "A New Era with Global begins today"

We are excited to begin launching our planned routes out of our new hub at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. We at Aviation Airways VA have flown to many places around the globe and have landed at other airports where other VA’s are Headquartered at.
With Global, our pilots have many more options when it comes to flying.

Codeshare Partnering
We have launched a new service that allows us to share routes with other Virtual Airlines in Infinite Flight. With Codeshare, we allow our Pilots, as well as the Pilots of the Partnering VA to fly routes that we may not serve, opening new opportunities for us to open up and have more options when it comes to flying Globally.

With this Service, we are happy to announce our First Codeshared route with Frontier Virtual Airlines!
We have Partnered up with Frontier VA to start service from our home base in Manchester, NH to Denver, CO beginning Monday November 20, 2017
With Denver as our brand new route, and Frontier, we aim to make Denver our first Western hub as we begin with our first route to Manchester from Denver. See their Announcment here on their official Thread:

We have plans to open more routes at KDEN as we acquire more gates. This also gives us the Ability to open more Codeshare routes with Frontier as we continue to open future routes in Denver.

Currently, the New Route will utilize the Airbus A321 on the first couple of flights that will be scheduled, and will be changed depending on Frequency. We aim to also use the Airbus A320, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 767-300, and DC-10/MD-11 aircraft, with the Heavy jets used for Holiday seasons.

We are honored to become a Codeshare partner with Frontier thanks to @SkyHighGuys and @Balloonchaser

Here are the current Routes we have opened when Global Started Including the KDEN Route that will open tomorrow

We will be opening more routes as we continue to expand our Operations at Manchester. We are slowly opening Routes, and eventually, we will connect our hubs once all routes have launched.

If you are interested to start a Codeshare agreement with our Airline on a route, please email the CEO at daniel.cerritos52@gmail.com

Website Updates
Over the next couple of weeks, we will be updating our Website to include more information on what we have just mentioned today on our thread. For now, our website remains the same from the Pre-Global era.

To join our Airline, please follow the Link to our Website here:

Learn more about Frontier VA at Frontier’s Website here:

Thank you for reading our thread, and have a great day!

-Aviation Airways
”Brining Aviation to you”

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[Completed] Aviation Airways New Years Eve Rush Hour @ KMHT - 311800ZDEC17
[COMPLETED] Aviation Airways Inaugural Flight to Denver @ KMHT - 201730ZNOV17

Very well put together thread!

Cant wait to work with you guys!


We are honored, and we cannot wait to work with Frontier VA!


Where do I join this VA?


Very nice thread, good luck!


Thank you for your interest in our Airline!
You can join Aviation Airways here:


We would also like to point out that we are hosting an Event for our Inagural flight to Denver, which will happen tomorrow, at 12:30pm Eastern Time


What did you use to create your route map?


Sent an application through to you.

It looks like a really good Virtual Airline.


It is called gcmap.com.

I have used it before and it’s good!


Thank you! I haven’t received an email though, which is odd, but I’ll check it out as soon as I can


Ok thanks! If it hasn’t just PM me and I’ll happily send another one through.


Good luck from Asiana Virtual!

-Rowdy [Asiana VA Founder/CEO]



We will make History once we touch down at Denver, as Pilot’s and Staff at Frontier VA await the very first arrival of Aviation Airways Flight 830.

Want to be a part of this event? Spawn in at Denver in Training Server 1 as we are just about 50 minutes away from landing!

@SkyHighGuys will guide AV830 to Gate A40 (Subject to change), along with a double Water Salute from the Frontier Team!

Follow the event here


Thanks to Frontier Virtual Airlines we are now starting a new hub. We will be reviewing cities around the US and the world so we can start our Denver hub. For now, we only have Manchester as our only Denver route.

Denver has a great future ahead as we expand operations out of Denver along side Frontier VA’s CEO @SkyHighGuys!

Aviation Airways Welcomes you to Denver!


Happy thanksgiving!

To celebrate our Codeshare with Frontier VA and @SkyHighGuys, we’ve decided to allow Pilots Using our Airbus A321 to gain 30 minutes extra flight time flying to Denver from Manchester and back! Valid only Thanksgiving thru Black Friday. Ends Friday at 11:59pm EST.

To share our appreciation to the lovely staff at Frontier VA, Flights to Denver and back are now on sale for 25% off during Black Friday ONLY! You can use this discount to purchase flights on Aviation Airways VA for flights to Denver and Manchester only.
We want YOU to see Denver and how beautiful it is!

The 25% deal will be open only during Black Friday, terms and conditions apply, only for use on the Denver route. Aviation Airways Pilots are encouraged to use this discount if they wish to visit Denver. Frontier Pilots are Encouraged to use this Discount if they wish to visit Manchester


Japan virtual airlines would love to Partner. If you are interested, let me know!


Send us an Email, or PM me if you want to continue further, thank you for reaching out to us!


Today Only!
Anyone who works at Frontier VA and Aviation Airways can use this 25% discount on any flight to and from Denver and Manchester with Flights Scheduled up until December 31, 2017 at 11:59pm EST!

You can Book Flights on Aviation Airways and use the 25% off Round trip flights to Denver and Back. One Way trips are not covered by the deal. The 25% off Black Friday deal ends at 11:59pm Friday Night, so book now if you wish to Visit Denver, or, if you wish to visit Manchester!

This is for all of us here who appreciate the hard work that @SkyHighGuys, @Balloonchaser, and the rest of the FVA team did in order to help us set up our Inaugural flight to Denver!

Have a Happy Friday!

“Bringing Aviation to you”


We have Updated our Application to reflect the new addition of Global.

We are looking for the Following:

Grade 2 or higher Pilots
Must at least be 13 years Old
Have at least 10,000XP

The Following Positions are open:
Commercial Pilot
Cargo Pilot
Private Pilot

All Pilots must have the basic knowledge of how to Communicate effectively with Air Traffic Control. Pilot’s must also know how to land in any weather IFR or VFR.

An Infinite Flight Pro Subscription is Recommended to fly online and gain XP. Non-Pro Subscribers will be limited to regions, which limits flying time and they earn no XP

Apply here: