Aviation Airways Lands in Paris @ LFPG - 221100ZJUN17

Server: Training Server

Region: Paris, France

Airport: LFPG

Time: 1100Z-0200Z

NOTAM: Anyone can join! If ATC is Available, please follow the rules they give you. You may use either Air Canada Aircraft or Generic airplanes for Aviation Airways
Sorry we’ve been gone for a while, we have been busy with other things (Route suggestions, getting ready for Global, Planning other events), Aviation Airways has decided to inaugurate it’s first flight in Paris, France with an open invitation to everyone, and to people who are with Aviation Airways! We encourage you to come to this event to commemorate Aviation Airway’s first flight in France. You can fly anywhere in France from Paris Charles De Gaulle International Airport! We also encourage anyone who is with Air Canada VA to join, as we do have a codeshare agreement with them! We hope to see you there!

There are no gate assignments for this event, it’s open to the community and Public!


Hey This is Rowdy Kepler (Moderator) From IFTSATC do you want the IFTSATC to run your event? if so Contact me and we can plan more there Thank You

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