Aviation Airways Global update

Hello everyone! I have updated our route map for global.

If you would like to suggest a route, PM me and I will take it into consideration!
You can PM either me or @JacobVanZanten

The map is not accurate and is not meant to be accurate. It’s only meant to show the routes

I am sorry for the low resolution photos, I will have to copy this file from my windows to my Mac for a better resolution
Full route map from every hub
Routes from KMHT (Main Hub)

Routes from PHNL (Secondary hub)
Routes from KMLI (Focus City)
Route when travelers fly to the DPRK. There are stops since MHT does not have a 10,000ft runway.
Route connecting each hub and focus city

KMLI Updated Route map
All routes updated

If you have any questions, let me know.

-Aviation Airways/Corporate VA

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Corporate Air must come to KMSP… please

I’ll add the route from KMLI right now then, which means I will have to re screenshot everything again.

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