Aviation Airways Charter (Part of Aviation Airways VA)

Aviation Airways is excited to launch Aviation AIrways Charters! To make this thread short, Only existing Virtual Airlines (Like British Airways VA, and other businesses), can utilize this service.

For any airline interested in utilizing this service, you can fill out the form here:

To view our Airline, you can click the link here:

Note that some locations may not be available for us to fly in.

Aviation Airways Charter Services is a part of Aviation AIrways Virtual, and may not be used for anything else other than chartering aircraft for commercial or business use.

Please do not miss this opportunity for us to fulfill your needs. Fill out a Charter form today, and we will send one of our Aircraft to your location today.

The first Virtual airline to fill out a Charter form will get a plane sent out as soon as the form is submitted. Please do not hesitate to fill out the form today. We are accepting the forms as of right now, and we will charter that aircraft you need to your location•

•Not all locations are available

Please stop making unrelevant comments to bump your Post to the Top.
If anyone is interested they will contact you


Just leaving it empty won’t bring anyone.

You can trust me. Bumping a topic to the Top for fully advertisement isn’t a good Idea.
Good luck with your service

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Good luck with your VA. :)


My VA was active since August, and no one came along :/

I have updated the website and included a section dedicated to Aviation Airways Charters.

You can view which regions Aviation Airways Charters serve and the aircraft available to charter.

I take it this VA is doing amazing, right?

yes, we’ve been getting lots of applications.

So you say

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