Aviation Airways and Corporate Air | Infinite Flight's most professional virtual airline

Aviation Airways and Corporate Air is recruiting! This is your chance to be a part of two of the most professional Virtual Airlines in Infinite Flight.

Quick Links:
Apply to become a pilot for Corporate Air: https://goo.gl/g8juOs
Apply to become a management/line captain with Corporate Air: https://goo.gl/fowUt9
Apply for Aviation Airways: https://bit.ly/2fEUKCy

Aviation Airways - Bringing Aviation to You
Aviation Airways brings you the power to fly almost anywhere you’d like. With our new routes in Hawaii, you are sure to find a route that suits you.
Apply today: https://bit.ly/2fEUKCy

Corporate Air - Our Pride, Your Joy:
Experienced Pilots:
At Corporate Air, we pride ourselves on having professional, experienced pilots. Each of our management/line captains undergoes a pilot’s exam, in which the testing pilot must score 80% and above.

Modern Airfleet:
At Corporate Air, we have one of the most modern fleets of the 21st century, including aircraft such as the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

Endless routes:
Want to go somewhere? Book a trip with Corporate Air, you’ll be able to go anywhere! We offer routes across America and the free world, with more than 1,000 destinations at all major airports! As of February 2017, Corporate Communist now flies to North Korea*, using the C-130-30J transport aircraft (pictured - Airbus A400M)

Interested in applying for Corporate Air? Please visit the corresponding links below.
Apply to become a pilot for Corporate Air: https://goo.gl/g8juOs
Apply to become a management/line captain with Corporate Air: https://goo.gl/fowUt9

*Travelers to North Korea must sign waiver.

Corporate Air is a subsidiary of Aviation Airways. All flights (including Corporate Connection and Corporate Express), are operated by Aviation Airways under the Corporate brand and livery.


Does that mean I can’t do a KLAX-ZKPY?
Everyone who wants a professional airline with professional pilots (pilots that actually listen to ATC and make flight plans) should join this airline. It is very nice and you can do a custom route, AKA not KLAX-KSAN.


I am sorry, I was going to join but no PRDK

All airlines claim there the most professional but did I mention that ICG has more pilots in a professional pilot group also is ran my 2 real world pilots😜. But I’m quite interested in this pilot test

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Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not the best practice to advertise your VA on another’s thread (especially with grammar mistakes in your reply). Cheers!

Good luck from…me? I guess? Sure. Well, good luck!


I’m not advertising. I’m not to take away members. Was just pointing out something and where’s a mistake. You forum people are harsh


is also run by

Those are the mistakes you asked about. Saying your VA has more pilots in a “professional group” and is run by actual pilots certainly seems like advertising. If you want to protest this or something, take it to PM.

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Haha. I’m not protesting nor am I advertising. It’s actually all facts. But if you think I’m wrong fill free to pm me and let me know. Hence why I said I’m interested in the pilot test. Bc i might want to join

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We have started Corporate Communist flights to North Korea using the C-130-30J transport aircraft…


Hahahaha, bit of humour, I like it @JacobVanZanten


Aviation Airways will serve the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, but as a seasonal route, and the same with Corporate, Travelers must sign a waiver in order to enter the DPRK. There will be a stop in between.

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The Airbus A330-300 will serve passengers traveling to North Korea, but stopping in South Korea to switch aircraft to the C-130-30J. Flights will be escorted by the F-22.


I am really exited for global now…


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