Aviation Air Virtual | Coming back with a new look

After a while of being off the Infinite Flight community, Aviation Airways Virtual returns with a new, fresh look

Welcome to the Brand New Aviation Air Virtual! We have an exciting new logo and livery that we can’t wait to share with you all, which has been in part of rebranding efforts to help make this Virtual Airline more visible to those wishing to join a Virtual Airline

Aviation Airways Virtual strives on having the best service to customers and pilots alike

Aviation Airways is an Original Airline originally founded back in 2016, and we have since evolved to make our airline more professional.

We at Aviation Airways Virtual want the best from our crew, and we have set a way for Pilots to grow and move onto bigger airplanes in our Airline.

Our current staff for our Virtual Airlines is as follows. Some positions are available for those wishing to join:
CEO: @Daniel_Cerritos

Airport Operations Manager:
@BigBert10 [KSJC Airport Ops]
@Luke_Sta [KDEN Airport Ops]
@KPIT [KPIT Airport Ops]
@WestJet737767 [CYYC Airport Ops]

Aviation Air Express Operations Manager:
Not Filled

Aviation Air Cargo Operations Manager
Not Filled

Aviation Airways Virtual flies one of the most diverse aircraft, from the Mighty MD-11 to the small Cessna 208 CargoMaster.

Aviation Airways has the following fleet that is in the airline:


Aircraft Role
CRJ200 Regional
CRJ700 Regional
CRJ900 Regional
CRJ1000 Regional

For Aviation Air Express

Aircraft Role
Boeing 737-700S Short Haul
Boeing 737-800W Medium Haul
Boeing 737-900S Medium Haul
Boeing 777-200LR Long Haul
Boeing 787-8 Long Haul
Aircraft Role
Airbus A319 Short Haul
Airbus A320S Medium Haul
Airbus A321S Medium Haul/Transcon
McDonnell Douglas
Aircraft Role
MD-11 Long haul
DC-10 Long Haul


Aircraft Role
MD-11F Medium-Long Haul
DC-10F Short-Medium Haul
C208C Feeder

Ready to learn more about our Virtual Airline, or where you can sign up to fly with us? You can contact any staff member in our Virtual Airline, or you can visit our Website by clicking the link below


We thank you for looking through our thread, and we hope to see new recruits join our Virtual Airline as we continue to improve

We encourage you to check out our community at:

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2019 Aviation Airways Virtual

Welcome back Aviation Airways 😃

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Hopefully with this new look of the airline, it can bring in some much needed Pilots into the Airline :)

Nice Thread! I wasn’t on IFC before you closed, but I bet it looks better now!

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Sure is, we’ve retired the old logo and used the one you see now, made by me in adobe illustrator

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Nice! I approve :)

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I’m excited! Great thread!

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Begin your new journey around the world today by Joining us at Aviation Air Virtual today!

We’ve launched our “Start Here” Page where people wishing to join this Virtual Airline can apply!

What you’ll find in our Start here page

You’ll find details about what Grade a Pilot should have before applying for our Virtual Airline, as well as benefits every pilots get regardless of rank!

You can begin to apply here via this link:

We’re always adding new ways to our site to improve your experience


A New feature will soon come to Pilots (and Passengers!)

We have a new feature coming to our VA, and you will soon be able to Book flights, and Pilots will earn rewards for flying on Routes that have been booked. A Fresh new Frequent Flier program is also in the works as well.

@Connor has also joined in the team to help the efforts on releasing this new feature for our Virtual Airline. Connor will be the lead Booking Manager for this new feature.

You can learn more on our community here:



Some Exciting stuff happening at Aviation Airways Virtual, including a new staff team. Daniel is still CEO, but he’s got 3 new faces to help him. Check out more here!


Major fleet change coming to Aviation Air VA

Aviation Air VA has a diverse fleet ranging from Airbus to Boeing. We have some changes coming soon to our Airline beginning with simplifying our fleet.

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Starting March 30, 2019, the Airbus A318 will be retired

We will retire the first Airbus model from our fleet beginning March 30, 2019. This is the first airplane to be retired from Aviation Airways, and is the start of Aviation Air VA to phase out Airbus from our fleet and transition to an all Boeing airline.

Due to delays, our Final Airbus A318 has now departed to the Mojave Desert to be retired. You can follow the journey of Aviation Airways Flight 991 to MHV here:

You can learn more about our Airbus Retirement here

R.I.P. A318

The Airbus A318 has now been retired. They are currently stored at Mojave Airport, as they await to be bought by a new owner.

Nav Lights off, officially ending the A318’s time with Aviation Airways

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Wanted to boost because I love this airline! Are you still in need of a Cargo Ops manager?

Let me check if we have a position for that, and I’ll shoot you a PM

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I shot you one as well!


We would like to welcome two new members to our team!

We now have a recruiter! If you’re interested in joining the VA, please send a Personal Message to @AviationJack, and he will assist you with your interest in Joining the team

We would also like to announce that @Mattheus is now our Cargo Operations Manager! He’ll be in charge of Cargo operations.

If you have any questions, please let me know in a PM, and I’ll do my best to assist you.

New Team Members

Recruiter: @AviationJack
Cargo Operations: @Mattheus


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