Aviation-21's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey everyone!
After passing the written exam I marginally failed the practical one so I will try again in about 1 and a half weeks. To prepare for it I have started this ATC Tracking Thread. So if you have time please stop by and fly some patterns. And don’t forget to leave feedback in the comments.

This is the best way to practice. I hope to see you here later. Good luck!

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Thank you! I hope you can come and fly sometime.

Thank you for coming @DaniCP and @Trio

Hey!! Sorry, had to leave quick before Trio takeoff. One thing about my sesion:

  • When request runway change 22L, your pattern instruccion was perfect, but in clearance forgot gave me new pattern direction (left/right traffic).

Remember: When runway change, pattern instruccion, sequence (if needed), and clearance with direction traffic (only in 1st. clearance).

Regards. Dani.

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Ok I will remember thank you!

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No problem, just picked a random airport and there you were. Only feedback was to issue a make right/left traffic instruction when you changed my runway, in the clearance.

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Thank you yeah @DaniCP mentioned that too know I know. Thanks for coming!

Open at ENGM
Ground and Tower

On my way: N121TC :)

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Thank you for coming. Have you got any feedback? ;-)

YSSY Ground and Tower are now open

FACT Ground and Tower open.

Open at KBOS now

I was doing patterns at KBOS for you yesterday and noticed two errors on your part with other aircraft.

First, JetBlue 62 has just contacted you inbound on the ILS for 33L. The mistake you make is that you clear it to land instead of giving a pattern entry for 33L. Aircraft can only call “inbound on the ILS” if they were cleared for the ILS approach by an approach controller, which they weren’t.

Second, is on guarding Delta 9701. Delta was above FL310 in this picture, why do you want it on your frequency? You only need to contact aircraft under 10,000 ft AAL for tower and FL180 for radar.

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Oh ok thank you for the feedback. I didn’t see that Delta 9701 was at FL310 so I must have missed that. I’ll have to pay more attention to that. So did JetBlue 62 call inbound in the wrong way (because there was no approach)? I’ll try not to make those mistakes again thank you for coming!

VOMM open now. Exam hopefully in a few days!!!

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