Aviation-21 Screenshot Compilation #6

Hey all!

Been a while since I’ve done one of these… So here I am. Back to posting my best selection of unedited IF screenshots. Thanks for viewing and enjoy :)

Photo #1: A couple of Garuda A330s on one of the recent Short Haul Sundays event series by Garuda Indonesia Virtual sitting at WADD.

Photo #2: A LATAM Boeing 767-300ER in the old LAN colors departing out of Miami.

Photo #3: Descending into Las Vegas, this Korean Air Boeing 777-200ER passed the moon for a wonderful shot.

Photo #4 and 5: Sochi is always a fun airport with great scenery. Here are two shots of an IFAE event heading over to Baku, Azerbaijan.

Photo #6: These passengers must’ve enjoyed their wing view on descent into Quito.

Photo #8 and 9: Two pictures from the Alaska Milk Run I completed a while ago. More of that can be found here.

Photo #10: Saving my personal favourite til the end, here is a Airbus A320 on final at stunning Innsbruck Airport. One flight of many my friend Manav and I have done in an attempt to fly to every destination from Innsbruck.

That’s concludes my screenshot compilation. Hope you liked it. Vote for your favorite one here:

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Thanks everyone. Take care, stay safe and check out my YouTube channel if you want to see some spotting. Adios amigos.


These look amazing!

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Thank you 😀

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Amazing pictures Vinzent! Well done!

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Stunning! Especially the last one

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Awesome shots, love the last one :)

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Thanks Manav 😁

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Thank you!! I like the last one the most as well 😀

Thx Noah. The last one’s gotta be the best 😁😘

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Gotta love Innsbruck, I need to join one of those flights u and Manav are doing out of there :)

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Definitely 😎

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Nice job, Vinzent. I like numero 4 the most.

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Thanks Beni 😍

Nice photos! 🙂

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Thanks Dimitri ❤️

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