Aviation-21 Screenshot Compilation #4

Welcome back everyone! This is already my fourth spotting topic. I would like to thank evedyone who showed support on my last topic. It was incredible. Thank you for that. But let’s focus on this topic. As always the photos are unedited I think you know the reason by know. So without firther ado let’s get right into the photos! Enjoy and leave constructive feedback below!

Photo #1: A Eurowings Airbus A319 retracts its gear after a smooth takeoff from London’s Heathrow Airport. Destination: Cologne.

Photo #2: With the beautiful scenery of Corsica in the background, this EasyJet Airbus A320 climbs out of Ajaccio operating a short flight to Geneva.

Photo #3: Two Etihad Boeing 777-300ERs established on the localizer at Abu Dhabi on a IPP evemt flight from Riad.

Photo #4: This WOWair Airbus A330-300 grabs the last sunlight of the day for it’s departure out of San Francisco. This flight was heading to Keflavik for a FNF.

Photo #5: A United Express Bombardier CRJ-700 on final at Houston Airport with more traffic on the ground.

Photo #6: The mighty Queen, the Boeing 747, lifting off of Madrids Runway 36L on a group flight to Buenos Aires.

Photo #7: **My first ever moonshot! ** Bare with me on this one and leave feedback in the comments below. A Swiss A321 cruising during a flight from Zurich to Valencia. Turn your screen brightness up for this one!

Photo #8: A Garuda Indonesia Boeing 777-300ER just after takeoff with more in the background. This was taken during an IPP event.

Photo #9: The new update has arrived! Enjoying the new Brazilian scenery with this Gol Boeing 737-800 about to turn final at Brasilia.

Photo #10: Another photo showing off the new beautiful South American scenery: a Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 737-800 in a hold over the beautiful mountains of Chile during the most recent FNF.

And that concludes another one of my screenshot compilations. I hope you enjoyed. Vote for your favourite photo here:

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That’s all I have in store for today! Happy and safe landings!


all of them look good bro I would say ur best is between the queen of the skies or the Etihad establish on the loc wit his brother behind em :)

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Wow love number 7 😀great photos buddy


I love 5, 6, 7, and 9. I wish there was an option to vote for all 4. Great pictures though!👍

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Thanks mate. Those are my two favourite ones as well. I am not sure which one’s better though.

Thanks. Picture 7 is one of the best for sure!

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Haha would be boring if one could vote for more than one. Thanks though!

Great pictures, thank you for sharing (2 and 7 are my favourites)!

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Those are great, keep up the good work! I like #9, it’s just a cool pic.

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Beautiful pictures!

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Love the WOW Air one! I remember seeing the WOW A330 at San Francisco last year before they cut the route :/

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Amazing shots! I really love #2, keep up the great work mate!

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Thank you for viewing! 2 has some great scenery!

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Thank you! The “easy” pics are sometimes just the best ones.

Thanks mate!

Thanks! It’s really sad to see them go. I only got to see them once (A320 at Edinburgh).

Thanks a lot! 2 has some great scenery in the background! 😀

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And your favourite screenshots were:
Photo #5 and Photo #6


There really wasn’t any need to tag everyone that voted.

Other than that they are awesome shots mate, keep it up.


Yeah I just did it because

  1. I did it in my last post
  2. I’ve noticed that most of the people forget about the polls they voted on.

But I’ll refrain from doing this in the future then. Thanks for the praise as well 😀.