Aviation-21 Screenshot compilation #3

Hello everyone and welcome back to my screenshot compilation. Today I present you part three of my best screenshots. As always these pictures are unedited because I’m still as lazy as I in my second post. But without further ado let’s get right into the photos! Enjoy!

Photo #1: This photo shows a Airbus A318 in one of the private liveries abive Key West. The aircraft has just taken off from Key West on a flight to Orlando.

Photo #2: A UPS Airbus A330F touching down at Tampa with a Delta Boeing 757 taxiing with N1 50% (we need a rework) in the foreground.

Photo #3: A few Korean Air 737-800s and a Generic CRJ-200 waiting for takeoff at Seoul Gimpo performing a IPP event flight to Jeju.

Photo #4: All IPP aircraft parked up at Jeju airport.

Photo #5: FNF at Cologne: Three FedEx planes surround one lonely UPS A330F at the cargo hub.

Photo #6: A Delta A321 retracting its main gear after taking off at Orlando heading to New York-JFK.

Photo #7: A Emirates 777-300ER rotating out of Dubai during a group flight with @MaxedOut who is lining up in the background. Destination: Tehran

Photo #8: Another IPP event. A close call just outside of Abu Dhabi by two Etihad 777s.

Photo #9: Version 19.2 arrived! Saying goodbye to the Decathlon… 😢

Photo #10: …and welcoming the beautiful XCUB 😍.

And that is going to wrap up today’s screenshot topic. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Which pic was your personal favorite?

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Those are so amazing!


Thanks a lot!


I’m sorry but this is a understatement 😂 they are really beautiful, amazing, really cool and so forth


Haha thank you very much! 😂


Nice photos!


Cool to see some pictures with the cub 😊


Thanks!! 😊

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Yeah the cub is really cool!

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Very cool 😎


Thanks mate!

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And your favourite picture was:
Number 7!