Aviation-21 screenshot compilation #2

Hello there and welcome back to my second screenshot compilation!

These are my best unedited IF screenshots. So without further ado, let’s get right into the photos! Enjoy!

Photo #1: A Daher TBM-930 departing Innsbruck Airport on a short hop to Bolzano in Italy with the beautiful alps in the background.

Photo #2: Two Cessna 172s holding short at Almaty Airport with another Cessna on final approach at a Plane and Pilot Patterns event.

Photo #3: Quite a few Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800s waiting for takeoff at Brisbane Airport performing a short hop to Canberra in an IPP event.

Photo #4: A Frontier A320 on final at a very busy Tampa International.

Photo #5: A British Airways Boeing 777-200ER blasting out of London - Gatwick performing a long haul to Tampa for the FNF event.

Photo #6: Generation EasyJet: A easyJet A319 climbing out of Ansterdam on a flight to Belfast.

Photo #7: The non-existant Delta Boeing 787-8 taking off from Tampa operating a Delta flight to Amsterdam.

Photo #8: As you might have been able to tell I’ve been flying more GA aircraft recently. One of my flights led me from St Moritz in Switzerland to my nearest airfield, Hohenems. The plane was a Cirrus SR-22.

Photo #9: Heavy traffic at Cologne airport for this weeks cargo FNF.

Photo #10: The Baby Bus A318 departing Daytona Beach after a touch and go now heading to Key West.

So there you have it! I hope you liked my photos. Please feel free to leave a comment with feeback or your opinion. Now on to the polls (yes I’ve got two today) :
Which was your favourite photo?

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And should I start an Instagram page for some of my IF screenshots?

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So now I’ve reached the end of my second screenshot topic. Be sure to visit my first one:

Have a nice day and safe landings!


nice pictures, you should definitly do an instagram pg


I have over 200 screenshots of different flights 😂… I felt bad for this grade 3 earlier after such a nice 5 hour flight from New York…Screenshot_20190609-194512

If you dont mind me posting, here are a few of mine that I love

And Air India Boeing 777-200LR over Vancouver on a flight from VIDP New Delhi to KSFO San Francisco which takes 15 and a half hours.

A Westjet Boeing 737-700 departing Toronto for a flight toooooooo… urm…

I can’t remember the airport but it was a flight to KMEM, no other words…

During an FNF…

Well since you included one of EGKK, I think I’ll give one. This is my closest International/commercial airport. 2nd being EGLL. Closest EGMD.

*These arent my best at all, but I like them for what they are.


Thank you! I will if the community votes for it :-)

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Nice pics!

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Great pics! Good job!

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Great pictures mate, they are just breathtaking.

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Thank you!

Thanks a lot!

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Your welcome mate.

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New Instagram page is online! Check out my first post (@joslleymiguel_holand):


awesome photos

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Thank you! Head over to my newly started Instagram page aviation21_ for more content in the future! :-)

nice, you did well to create a page

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Thank you. I will try to post as regularly as possible! :-)

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Thank you for the follow

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