Aviation-21 Screenshot compilation #1

Hello there!

And welcome to my first screenshot post on the forum. These photos are the best I have taken in the past weeks since I started taking screenshots. All photos are unedited because I think they are good enough without editingand because I was too lazy to edit lol .

So without further ado here are the photos. I hope you enjoy and feel freeto leave some feedback in the comments.

Photo #1: A Delta Boeing 737-900 departing Detroit heading to Los Angeles.

Photo #2: A Jet2 Boeing 737-800 on short final at the Manchester FNF with various other planes in the background.
Photo#3: This photo shows a Vueling Airbus A320 taking off from Barcelona Airport on a flight to Berlin with a Norwegian Boeing 787-9 holding short of the runway.
Photo#4: The Illinois livery (on the Southwest 737-700) approaching Baltimore on a flight from Dallas Love with a stopover at Chicago Midway.
Photo #5: A Spirit Airlines Airbus A321 blasts out of Fort Lauderdale on a flight to Detroit.

Photo #6: Again the Illinois One livery. This time on approach for Chicago Midway with a Alaska “More to love” 737-900 also approaching.

Photo #7: A Arik Air 737-800 touching down at Lagos with a Arik CRJ1000 holding short ready for takeoff.

Photo #8: A Cathy Pacific Airbus A330-300 departing Tokyo-Haneda performing a flight to Hong Kong.

Photo #9: A American Airlines (TWA livery) 737-800 and a American Old livery 737-800 approaching the two runways at Punta Cana.

And photo #10: Heavy FNF-traffic including a Singapore 787-10 entering the runway causes a Swiss A319 to go around at Zurich Airport.

So that is my first screenshot compilation. Please feel free to give me some feedback in the comments and also rate my photos in the poll below. Bad ratings are of course also accepted lol.

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Photo 9 looks neat.

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Great photos!


Thank you I also like that one a lot.

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Good photos. I think in number 3 I was ATC maybe?

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Possible. It was the LEBL flyout event. And thank you!

Oh, if it was an event then not, I’m still learning to become IFATC :)

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No it was on the Training Server.

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Then probably it’s me

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