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Does the title apply? Was on the training server. Searching the forum for general information when given the go around command, and I can’t find what the correct procedure is. Do you increase altitude To 1000ft and fly runway heading until told to turn specific heading? What does the make right traffic 27L mean? Turn away immediately? fly runway heading till told to turn? Looking for clarification.

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This is at the discretion of the pilot.
However, the sooner you turn, the better, as you will get out of the way of departing traffic.

When being instructed to go around, you’ll receive a command similar to this:

Callsign, go around, make left traffic runway 27L.

This simply means pull up and enter left traffic for 27L (ie, turn left to be resequenced).

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It’s depends is there is ATC and if there is also radar present.
If ATC isn’t present climb to 3000 (at least with airliners) go upwind a bit and then re enter the pattern.
If ATC is present do the same thing but be sure to follow any other commands they give you.
If ATC and radar is present and tower gives you a go around they will tell you to contact approach, and when you tune in, use the executing missed approach command.

If a pilot has control issues; raising flaps, raising gear, disable approach, adjusting thrust, and then crashes or comes to far off the directed path is that forgivable to some degree with ATC?

This is completely incorrect @Jack_Q

No. You are supposed to fly at standard pattern altitude. 1500AAL for Jets, 1000AAL for Props.

They will give you a left or right traffic command. Once you know which direction you are turning, fly a standard traffic pattern at the instructed direction. This means flying ya pattern altitude.

If radar is present, you will follow their commands after tuning into their frequency.

In your case, you were supposed to complete a standard left traffic pattern for runway 27L.

To some degree. It is not possible to have flap or gear failures on IF. If you blatantly disregard ATC instructions and as a result interfere, that is worth a report. Speed up using TOGA thrust, and as you do raise the flaps and the gear.

If you crash, there should be no report from ATC.

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Appreciate the response. Guess I still have a lot to learn.

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Everyone is always learning!

I’m here to help if you have any more questions.


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