Avianca Virtual - World Tour One

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Avianca Virtual | World Tour One

Today we are pleased to announce our first ever World Tour with 19 destinations around the world to discover beautiful landscapes! Prizes will also be available for the winners.

The world tour begins and ends on:


For this World Tour, we have selected real routes. In this World Tour, we have selected 19 amazing destinations that will allow you to fly around the world in exactly 70 hours!

The routes in more detail here.

The first to arrive will be able to choose between several gifts such as a Nitro Discord, an Xbox game pass or extra hours in the crew centre.

You are not here to win and you want to do it at your own pace? No problem, after 10 legs you will be rewarded with 10 extra hours.

You must be a member of Avianca Virtual to receive these gifts.

Avianca Virtual is a Virtual Airline based out of its HUB in Bogota, Colombia. Our map spreads across the globe and beyond! We strive for professionalism, kindness, and best of all, fun! Our hand-picked staff curates each individual pilot’s experience with great care, and we believe that an experience enjoyed is an experience worth experiencing!

Our VA is one of the best in the Latin American region as we feature great things such as regular events, a fun community, great staff and a large variety of new places to explore with our extensive route database and our large number of codeshares. So, if you are ready to delve into a world of Aviation-Passionate, South-American-Loving, don’t hesitate, apply below! We will take care of your application process as soon as possible!

Our Website | Our Instagram | Apply here

Thread designed by @Teized.

Photo credits

@skye B737 Aeromexico
@Mathurin_Garcier A339 TAP
@canton B737 Copa
@Luca_Mig B787 Ethiopian
@Butter0 A320 Aegean & A350 Singapoure


Will participate for sure!


I love the TAP A339 picture!
Wonder who took it?

Jokes apart… Have a wonderful WORLD TOUR! I might join you on some flight!


Haha, I don’t know either. You can join us with pleasure!

President of Avianca Virtual


amazing alex


Thanks a lot, Jayden!

The world tour has been extended until 3 July until 20Z and you can participate as soon as you have joined us.

President of Avianca Virtual

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World Tour results

At the moment we only have the Top3 of this world tour, 3 members finished it in about a week.

Here are the top 3:

You can still participate!

You can still participate and earn extra hours after completing 10 legs.

For more information about Avianca Virtual, visit our thread here.

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CEO of Avianca Virtual

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