Avianca Virtual | The first airline of the Americas! | Official Thread 2022

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The first airline of the Americas.

Welcome to the All-New 2022 Avianca Virtual Thread! It is a pleasure to have you with us! We would like to familiarize you with the VA we like to call home, so feel free to follow along!

Our VA is one of the best in the Latin American region as we feature great things such as regular events, a fun community, great staff and a large variety of new places to explore with our extensive route database and our large number of codeshares.

Avianca Virtual is a Virtual Airline based out of its HUB in Bogota, Colombia. Our map spreads across the globe and beyond! We strive for professionalism, kindness, and best of all, fun!Our hand-picked staff curates each individual pilot’s experience with great care, and we believe that an experience enjoyed is an experience worth experiencing!

Our website has been handcrafted from scratch, taking much care in each detail as it relates to elevating the experience for you, the pilot.

We have over 800 routes with over 200 destinations to choose from! These routes range from just under 30 minutes of flight time to over 15 hours of flight time! With this amount of global coverage, we assure you will have the time of your life!

A Display of Our Destinations:

Airbus A318: Liveried
Airbus A319: Generic
Airbus A320: Liveried
Airbus A330: Liveried
Boeing 757: Generic
Boeing 77F: Generic
Boeing 789: Liveried

Here at Avianca Virtual, we believe that connections are everything, and relationships are too! That’s why we’ve partnered with a huge number of codeshare airlines, including the ones listed below. We are always accepting new partnerships, so if you feel you or your VA/VO is interested, simply PM us via the forum.

Codeshare Airlines/Routes
Airline Number of Routes Callsign
Air Belgium VA 12 Routes ABVA
Saudia VA 30 Routes SVVA
China Airlines VA 26 Routes CIVA
Air Europa VA 50 Routes UXVA
Airbus VA 40 Routes AIBVA
LOT VA 55 Routes LOTV
Air Canada VA 22 Routes ACVA
United VA 143 Routes UVAL
Virgin VA 60 Routes VGVA
Alaska VA 30 Routes LYVA
Turkish VA 65 Routes TKVA
ANA VA 45 Routes ANVA
Singapore VA 6 Routes SVA
Air India 2 Routes ——
AeroMexico 25 Routes ——
Copa 2 Routes ——
Lufty VA 150 Routes LHVA
Ryanair VA 20 Routes FRVA
Argentinas VA —— ARVA

Meet our staff team! We are a handful of individuals who share a love for aviation and Avianca! We are here to answer any questions you may have as well!

Senior Staff Team
Member Position Activity
@Teized CEO Active
@Daniel_Steinman COO Active
@Baba CSO Active
Management Team
Member Position Activity
@jxyd_xn Affairs Manager Active
@MrAftonn Flight Manager Active
@_TIM_49 Events Manager Active
@Ousmane_Ndiaye PR Manager Active
@jacob_r17 Recrutement Manager Active

So, if you are ready to delve into a world of Aviation-Passionate, South-American-Loving, Bogotian-Dedicated Virtual Airline, don’t hesitate, apply below! We will take care of your application process as soon as possible!


Must be at least 13 years of age.
Must have a valid IFC and discord account.
Must have a valid Infinite Flight Pro subscription.
Must have access to the Expert Server
Must be in good standing within the IFC Forum and the IFVARB

Meet all the requirements? Feel free to apply here!


Avianca Virtual is in no way affiliated with Avianca S.A or Infinite Flight LLC.


I am glad to be here.


Great Thread, happy to be partner!🤍

Lorenzo B
Ryanair Virtual President


Amazing thread! We are glad to be one of your partners!

Saudia Virtual Line
Founder & President
Saudia Virtual



It has been an amazing experience being a part of the VA I like to call home! ❤️ The opportunities I’ve been given here as Operational Manager are really amazing, and I thank each and every person part of the VA for making it what it is today! I look forward to sharing in much success and fun this coming year! Cheers to an amazing 2022 for AVVA!!!

Daniel Steinman
Operational Manager,
Avianca Virtual


Beautiful Thread! We‘re proud to connect the world with you for your and our pilots!


Deputy President
Air Belgium Virtual



Great Thread! Glad to be partners with you to provide our pilots with connections to South America and Asia!

Chief Executive Officer
Singapore Virtual Airlines

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China Airlines Codeshare Removal

We are sad to see China Airlines Virtual go from the VA world and can’t be grateful enough for their codeshare with us. We now unfortunately have to remove them from our database and none of our pilots can fly this airline from today.

If you are interested in joining this VA, click on the apply link above!

Avianca Virtual


Congratulations on your approval!

What a lovely thread, and all the best with your VA.

Founder & CEO
Air Europa Virtual


Important announcement

From today until 28 February inclusive all pilots who join will be directly promoted to second officer!


oh nice wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity


Change in staff team

We would like to announce that @Daniel_Steinman (formerly Operational Manager) has been promoted to Chief Supporting Officer (CSO).

Chief Executive Officer


Important information

We have decided that the written test is suspended with immediate effect for all our new members.

Avianca Staff Team

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I will apply :)


Career at Avianca: Route Manager position open.

We are currently looking for a new route manager for our VA. This position needs to be well organised and patient, more precisely it consists in adding routes in our database and requests codeshares from other VAs. You must therefore be familiar with the Air Table platform.

👉 If you are interested, you can contact us.

Colombia’s first 3D airport

Infinite flight announced the 22.2 today, in the list of new 3D airports we find Matecana (SPKE) the first Colombian airport in 3D! 🇨🇴

For this occasion a Fly-out or Fly-In will be organized very soon!

Stay tuned!


So glad to hear that, congrats guys !

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Hello, IFC!
We will be having an Internal Military Pride event, This Sunday at 1700Z!
Come join us for more info! We look forward to seeing you there!
Daniel Steinman,
CSO, Operations Supervisor


Lovely thread!

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Will you also offer Viva routes?

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