Avianca Virtual Presents: One Year Together!

One year together.

Welcome to the Official First-Anniversary Event of Avianca Virtual!
Join us as we celebrate ONE YEAR TOGETHER as AVVA!


Avianca Virtual officially joined the Infinite Flight Skies on October 31st, 2021. It was founded by @JetWig, and he was joined by a small group of staff members: @Teized (COO), @Daniel_Steinman (Discord/Graphics Manager), and @jxyd_xn (Routes Manager). Today, we have flourished into a very active virtual airline among the Infinite Flight skies, offering a warm staff team, many routes and codeshare airlines, and fun events!


Our event will be run throughout the day on October 31st. We will be featuring a number of airports from our home country, Colombia! These airports will be featured throughout the Whole Day and can be explored on All Servers! They may be viewed in the chart below:

  1. While the event is featuring these airports on all servers, flights may only be Officially flown for IFVARB-Approved Virtual Airlines including Avianca Virtual on the Expert Server.
  2. Airports with editors included have either already been completed and are included in-app, have already been announced publicly, or have been given permission by the editors to include them.
  3. Airports with editors included do not infer that those airports will be included in the next update.
Airport Code Airport Name City Type Editor(s)
SKBO El Dorado Intl. Bogotá HUB @ThomasThePro, @Siddhansh
SKRG José María Córdova Intl. Rionegro HUB Not Applicable
SKPE Matecaña Intl. Pereira Secondary @ThomasThePro, @Chris_Hoss
SKBG Palonegro Intl. Bucaramanga Secondary @Teized
SKCL Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Intl. Cali Secondary Not Applicable


Suggested Domestic Routes

Route Aircraft Est. Flight Time
SKBO - SKRG A320 0h55m
SKCL - SKBO A319 1h5m
SKBG - SKBO A320 0h50m
SKBO - SKPE A320 1h0m

Suggested International Routes

Route Aircraft Est. Flight Time
SKBO - KJFK Any 5h50m
SKBO - KLAX B787 7h40m
SKBO - CYYZ A319 6h20m
SKBO - SEQM A319 1h45m
EGLL - SKBO B787 10h0m
MMMX - SKBO A320 4h45m
MPTO - SKBO A320 1h35m

Suggested routes were hand-picked by AVVA staff and are subject to change. These routes aren’t the only routes that may be flown, as Avianca along with the many airlines operating in Colombia have many more routes for you to explore. Feel free to view more of our routes here: AVVA Routes Database

We are very excited for this event and hope you are too! :)

Sincerely, Your AVVA Staff Team,

@Teized, CEO & Chairman
@Daniel_Steinman, COO & Vice Chairman
@Stan7 , CSO & Technical Affairs
@Butter0, Public Relations Manager
@jacob_r17, Recruitment Manager
@Joy_Ochoa, Flight Manager

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Avianca Virtual (AVVA) is in no way affiliated with Avianca Airlines S.A. or Infinite Flight LLC.
Thread and Event Graphics were created/designed by @Teized and @Daniel_Steinman.



Happy anniversary to one of my favorite Virtual Airlines. Looking forward to many more years with you guys! 🙂😉


Thank you for the kind words, Skye! Cheers to that! :)


We are now exactly 40 days from the event! We’re very excited!!


We have now reached 30 days from our First Ever Anniversary Together!!! :)