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Welcome to the official Avianca Virtual Group thread!

Welcome to the official thread for the Avianca Virtual Group! It is my honor to be leading this Virtual Airline. My goal is to make you feel welcomed here whether this is your first VA or fifth. It was a long journey to certification and all of my staff give 110%. I look forward to welcoming pilots to AVVA!


AVVA CEO @Altaria55

Avianca Virtual Group was founded on 05 March 2019 by the CEO, @Altaria55. Through many successes and even more failures, Altaria55 worked hard for months towards getting AVVA approved. If it wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t good enough. And finally, after 5 months and 15 days, AVVA was certified.

Our staff consists of two divisions - Upper Staff and Lower Staff. Each division contains different roles.

Several of our staff positions are currently available. In order to be eligible for a staff position, you must be:

14+ years of age
Grade 3+ on IF
TL2 (Member) on the IFC
8/10 score on the entrance exam
Able to file a flight at least once a month
Access to Slack
You will be automatically rejected if you are on the watchlist or blacklist.

You will be required to provide a screenshot of your Grade table.

Upper Staff

CEO: @Altaria55
COO: @Jake_Seitz
HR Manager: @samdog27
Senior Advisor: @Felipe_Schon1
Chief Pilot: @Micah_Brazil

Lower Staff

Flight Hours Manager: @MonkeyManofLife
Events Manager: @Infinite_Qantas
Media Manager:

Please contact @aviancavirtualgroup for inquiries regarding a staff positions!

Our mixed fleet of aircraft will take you to the most beautiful places on the planet. From stunning snow-capped mountains down to sandy, crystal-clear beaches, the scenery we take you to will be nothing short of incredible!

Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321, A333
Boeing B788
Bombardier DH8D

Bombardier Dash 8-Q400
The smallest aircraft in our mainline fleet, this aircraft is our ultra-short haul workhorse.

Routes 14
Pax 82
Length 107 ft 9 in
Wingspan 93 ft 3 in
Cruise 300-360 kn
Range 1100 nmi
Ceiling FL270
Runway Requirement 4675 ft

Airbus A318-100
This aircraft is great for those climbing the ranks. Lots of routes, easy to fly, and very likeable.

Routes 65
Pax 107
Length 103 ft 2 in
Wingspan 111 ft 11 in
Cruise M .78
Range 3100 nmi
Ceiling FL391-FL410
Runway Requirement 5840 ft

Airbus A319-100
Our A319 is capable of throwing whatever you can at it. It’s a quick little jet, and is very popular!

Routes 72
Pax 124
Length 111 ft 0 in
Wingspan 117 ft 5 in
Cruise M .78
Range 3750 nmi
Ceiling FL391-FL410
Runway Requirement 6070 ft

Airbus A320-200
The A320 is our most handy aircraft. Give it a route, and it’ll fly it!

Routes 72
Pax 150
Length 123 ft 3 in
Wingspan 117 ft 5 in
Cruise M .78
Range 3300 nmi
Ceiling FL391-FL410
Runway Requirement 6900 ft

Airbus A321-200
Our largest short/medium haul aircraft, the A321 can handle anything!

Routes 18
Pax 185
Length 146 ft 0 in
Wingspan 117 ft 5 in
Cruise M .78
Range 3200 nmi
Ceiling FL391-FL410
Runway Requirement 7250 ft

Airbus A330-300
Our largest aircraft, there’s nothing it can’t do!

Routes 14
Pax 300
Length 208 ft 10 in
Wingspan 197 ft 9 in
Cruise M .82
Range 6350 nmi
Ceiling FL411
Runway Requirement 9090 ft

Boeing 787-8
Our flagship aircraft, it’s our flying billboard!

Routes 25
Pax 242
Length 186 ft 1 in
Wingspan 197 ft 3 in
Cruise M .85
Range 7355 nmi
Ceiling FL430
Runway Requirement 8500 ft

With our codeshares, our fleet is expanded to:

Airbus A346, A388
Boeing B737, B738, B739, B744, B748, B752, B772, B77L, B77W, B789, B78X
Bombardier CRJ2, CRJ9, DH8D
Embraer E170, E190, E195
McDonnell Douglas MD11(F)

Our route network may be small, but the Global HD Scenery update turned our homeland into one of the most beautiful places in the Infinite Flight world!

Check out our route maps!

Avianca Mainline

Avianca Virtual Group Destination Map

Avianca Virtual Group Mainline Route Map


Avianca Virtual Group Codeshares Route Map

We will continuously update our route maps with new destinations or changes. You will see more maps once we integrate our subsidiaries one by one!

Want to check out our database?

Here’s some statistics for you!

Destinations 53
Continents 3
Countries 19
Routes 156
Hubs 5

If you were to log every single flight in our mainline database, you would accumulate 400 hours and 52 minutes of flight time!

We have 7 subsidiaries that span across South and Central America. That means they give us more routes, more destinations, and more flight hours!

Our subsidiaries are:

Avianca Virtual Cargo - Operational
Avianca Argentina
Avianca Brazil
Avianca Costa Rica
Avianca Ecuador
Avianca El Salvador
Avianca Guatemala
Avianca Honduras
Avianca Nicaragua
Avianca Peru
Sansa Airlines - Operational


We are proud to be a Star Alliance Virtual member!

Aeromexico Virtual

NonStop Virtual

Singapore Virtual

Thai Group Virtual


Trainee - 0 - 10 Hours

Avianca DH8D (Generic)
Codeshares Aeromexico Express E190 (Generic), Austrian DH8D, Lufthansa CityLine CRJ9, SAS CRJ9, SAS DH8D (Generic), South African CRJ2, South African DH8D (Generic), South African E170 (Generic), South African E190 (Generic), TAP Express DH8D (Generic), TAP Express E190 (Generic), TUI E190 (Generic)

Second Officer - 10 - 25 Hours

Avianca A318, A319 (Generic)
Codeshares Aeromexico B737, Air China A319, Air China B738, Austrian A319, Bangkok Airways A319 (Generic), Brussels Airlines A319, Eurowings A319, Lufthansa CityLine E190 (Generic), SAS B737, Silk Airlines A319, TAP Express E195 (Generic), TUI B737

First Officer - 25 - 50 Hours

Avianca A320 (Generic)
Codeshares Austrian A320, Eurowings A320, SAS B738, SAS A320, Scoot A319 (Generic), Silk Airlines B738 (Generic), South African B738, TAP A319, TUI B738, United B738

Junior Captain - 50 - 90 Hours

Avianca A321 (Generic)
Codeshares Air India A321, Air New Zealand A320, Austrian A321, Lufthansa A320, Lufthansa A321, TAP A320, TAP A321, TUI B752, United B739, United A320

Senior Captain - 90 - 150 Hours

Avianca A333 (Generic), B77F (Generic)
Codeshares Aeromexico B772, Air New Zealand B772, Air New Zealand B789, Austrian B772 (Generic), Lufthansa Cargo B77F, Lufthansa Cargo MD11(F), SAS A333, Scoot B789, South African A333, TAP A333 (Generic), Thai A333, Thai B788, TUI B788, United B772, United B789

Commander - 150+ Hours

Avianca B788
Codeshares Aeromexico B788, Air China B748, Air China B789, Air India B77L, Air India B788, Air New Zealand B77W, Lufthansa B748, Lufthansa A333, Lufthansa B744, Lufthansa A388, SAS A346 (Generic), Singapore B772, Singapore B77W, Singapore B78X, Singapore A388, South African A346 (Generic), TAP A346, Thai B744, Thai B772, Thai B77W (Generic), Thai B788 (A359 routes), Thai A388

In order to become a pilot for us, you must meet the following requirements:

Must speak good English
Grade 2 on Infinite Flight
Age 13+
Valid Infinite Flight Subscription
Ability to file at least one flight every two weeks
Access to Slack
7/10 score on the entrance exam

You will be checked against the IFVARB Watchlist/Blacklist database and will be automatically rejected if you are on the list.

So, what are you waiting for? The only thing left to do is join. You have the world at your fingertips and there’s nothing stopping you.

Visit our website to apply today!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact @aviancavirtualgroup, @Altaria55, or any of the other AVVA staff!


Really nice thread. Best of luck for the future of you guys. 🤗


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I love the work you put into this thread, congrats, I hope you get a lot of attention since there is a lot more Southern Americans than we think here in the community :). Also your A319 and A320 images I believe are the same. 🤗


You’re correct! I didn’t notice. Thank you for pointing that out!



If you are applying for a staff or pilot position -

Please allow up to 72 hours for a reply. Most staff are currently in school or starting school in the coming days.




Can’t wait for your partnership

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Impeccable thread, modern and detailed. Very well organised guys, wish you all the best of luck in the future!

Congrats @aviancavirtualgroup, was a pleasure working with your staff through certification! Great looking thread!

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Now this is an epic looking thread. Great work @aviancavirtualgroup, and congratulations! 👏


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It is with great pride that we announce our acceptance into Star Alliance Virtual!

This week, all of our pilots will be able to log all of the Star Alliance Virtual Codeshare routes for 1.5x flight time!

Apply to be a pilot here:

Pilot Application Form


This thread looks amazing, I think i’ll apply for this VA 😄


We look forward to your application!



I just applied, can’t wait to be in this amazing community



We are glad to announce our new codeshare with Aeromexico Virtual! Now, our pilots have access to Asia from Latin America!


Awesome, can’t wait to fly for it. :D

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