Avianca Virtual Beta Released

Hello fellow pilots Miguel from Avianca Virtual. And here to annouce that the Avianca Virtual is now on beta release which means were accepting new member now nut there more features coming soon. And to thank the hard work that was put in I’ll ne hosting a event on infinite flight live. Thank you for your time and I’ll see you’ll there

Time: Right now
Callsign: Anything with AVA in it
Aircrafts: Preferring Airbus A318 or Boeing 787 - 8 since they have rhe Avianca livery
Server: Training 2
Region: Southern California
Departing Airport: KLAX
Arrival Airport: KNUC
Route: Copy my flight plan
My CallSign: AVA085
ATC: If there’s ATC follow there instructions

Hope to see you there!
//Founder//Avianca Virtual

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My Eyes Really Hurt After Reading All These Capitol Letters


Lol was thinking the same thing!!

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Sorry for the inconvenience. It has been fixed

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