Avianca Inaugural Spotting in Golden Light | Munich - November 18, 2018

Some people have Snapchat streaks, I’m probably working on an airport streak at the moment. Great fall weather and a newly introduced route by Avianca brought me back to Munich Airport on Sunday. Hope you enjoy my little collection 😉

I started my short afternoon trip at the final approach for runway 08R since the first flight from Bogota arrived there the day before. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be at the airport on Saturday so the second flight had to be enough.
One of the arrivals there was inbound from London Standsted. Unlike most of the easyJet planes in Munich which are operated by easyJets Austrian subsidiary, this one was actually an A319 registered in the United Kingdom, still wearing the old easyJet livery.

Let’s stick with the low-cost carriers for one more pic. Being a joint venture of Lufthansa and Turkish Airways, SunExpress operates many holiday flights from Munich. Most of the flights that are operated by the Turkish branch of the airline obviously operate between Germany and Turkey. During winter Lufthansa actually reduced flights to Ankara to a minimum moving most of the connections to SunExpress due to the lower demand caused by the end of season and the political situation.

Not only a joint venture but a subsidiary of Lufthansa is Air Dolomiti. While the airlines‘ main destinations are located in Italy, Lufthansa also uses many planes of Air Dolomiti for code share flights to other short haul destinations in Europe.

A final arrival for the southern runway was this bmi Embraer arriving from the north. While this would usually imply an approach on the northern runway bmi usually uses the southern runway due to the parking positions utilized by the carrier are located far south next to the cargo area.

With the second arrival of an Avianca 787 at Munich coming close to the airport it turned out that this flight would actually arrive on the northern runway, so I changed runways and arrived right in time for the plane I’ve been waiting for (this actually made me miss the arrival of Air Malta‘s retro livery). The Dreamliner inbound from Bogota is actually scheduled for 4.30 pm but both flights we had so far arrived one hour earlier allowing spotters to get pictures of the arrival despite the days becoming shorter with winter coming closer and closer.

The next arrival was just another Dreamliner, this time the longer -9 variant from Tokyo.

Getting smaller again - right after two Dreamliners one of several flights from Moscow operated by Aeroflot arrived. The Moscow-Munich Route is served by four different carriers throughout the year: UT Air, S7, Rossyia and Aeroflot serve Munich from the different airports of the Russian capital.

Not only airlines were approaching in the afternoon sunlight though, one business jet sneaked into the sequence of airliners looking even more expensive with the golden light of the setting sun 😉

My final pic at the runway was a special livery by an airline we‘ve already come across today. This easyJet A320 (registered in Austria) is wearing a Berlin sticker promoting the origin city of this flight.

After my spotting session I still had some time and decided to pay a visit to the airport‘s Christmas market. On the way there I managed to catch a nice pic of a departing Lufthansa CRJ passing the moon from the top of the parking garage.

I hope you liked the pics I managed to take over the last weekend. Find more of my pictures on twitter, on Jetphotos or check out my other spotting topics here on the IFC:

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TLDR for @dush19: 10 planes: 1 Lufthansa, 1 ANA, 1 Avianca, 1 SunExpress, 2 easyJet, 1 Aeroflot, 1 bmi, 1 Air Dolomiti and 1 Private Jet at Munich airport.


AMAZING! These is the best pictures

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Thanks for showing us more pretty pictures of planes at your second home. 😉


Beautiful photos - your work always exceeds my expectations Moritz. Well done as always.


Nice shots! Didn’t know that Avianca now flies to Munich.

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Awesome awesome! Would love to see these on JetPhotos, well done!


Really nice photos there! I always enjoy seeing your spotting trips — I see you sneaked a photo from Infinite Flight in there at the end… oh wait. :)

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„Second“? 🤔😂

Love that livery! First time I’ve heard of that airline but the paint job is amazing! Awesome pictures, can’t wait for some more!

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Nice 😉 I actually only took that one into the selection since I didn’t have that many pics on Sunday, usually Air Dolomiti is so normal at Munich that you think twice if you should take a picture of it. Being a regional airline it’s not surprising it’s not that famous though :)

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