Avianca El Salvador to Start Non-Stop Flights to San Salvador from Boston in August 2018

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Finally! I can fly Non-Stop from New England to San Salvador without having to connect to Atlanta or Miami!
I have been wishing for a way for me and my Parents to go to San Salvador Non-Stop flight to San Salvador without having to connect at other airports.

I am happy to announce that Avianca El Salvador will commence these flights Beginning August 17, 2018!
Anyone who is Salvadoran and lives in the New England area are now able to fly Non-Stop to San Salvador!

Avianca El Salvador will use the Airbus A319 and A320 on this route. Really long flight on an A319, which is Five Hours and Thirty Minutes (05:30:00) in the air.

I actually tried to find a news source but it wasn’t publicly announced for some reason, I actually found it on Wikipedia, and I did look into it on the Official Avianca Airlines Website, and I can confirm this is an actual route that will happen.

The Cost to fly Non-Stop is so cheap compared to connecting!

Told my Parents and they’re so happy about this addition!


So, are you going to go on the first flight from Boston to San Salvador on August 17?

Or sometime in the future

I really want to, but my Mom says it’s a waste of time to go for one day lol. Plus, It’s kinda dangerous down there right now

I’ll go sometime in the future

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Indeed! This route actually existed before (as late as 2012) and was operated by TACA at the time. They ended service in late 2012.

I’m finally happy that this route came back and I predicted it would since Avianca began running flights to Bogota from Boston. :)

It’s another wonderful connection to Central and South America. The pièce de résistance however will be the route to São Paulo operated by LATAM which commences this year on July 1st. Boston and New England aviation has been booming lately!


Ik I’m late but I just wanted to say in case you go:

First, It will be a waste of time going there for one day because you wouldn’t do much in less than 24 hours (I recommend you to stay 2 weeks or more) as 1 week won’t be enough because you’ll wish to be back there.

Second, El Salvador is not really that dangerous. I came from there last week and nothing dangerous happened while I stayed there (except that they are fixing a lot of major roads and my dad hit a hole in the street with a rented car).

Lastly, if you want to feel safe, here are some tips from me:

  • Rent a car- moving around in public transportation is not the best idea as thieves usually look for targets there. If not, maybe move around in a taxi 🚕.

  • Never walk alone in suburban/rural areas since gang members usually be there and controlling who be all around.

  • Head to the place where you’re staying before 11:00pm since gang members and thieves be walking around at night after that time and most of the roads are not well lighted and dangerous for car traveling.

  • The last and most important, Be careful at driving since 75% of Salvadorans don’t respect the transit signals (or have bought the drivers license) and that’s were a lot of car accidents comes from or even heavy traffic.

But in fact, you’ll have a lot of fun there since it has a giant wave of attractions including the most modern airport in Central America.

I got the app Google Travel which can help you see all the attractions across the whole country including the beaches and water parks.

In case you go in the future you’ll be surprised of how much fun a small country has.

Also thats great to hear that they have direct flights from Boston which is helping to bring a lot of tourism.


@Bryant_Lol Well, I’m Salvadoran (born in the US), and my grandparents are moving back down there. I’ve visited there twice, both uneventful for two weeks.

If I was to go, then yes I’ll go for at least two weeks, that’s what we usually do anyways. We tend to avoid areas where gangs are, and we also have a place to live in Apastapeque. We’ve gone out before 11pm, and nothing really happened, and the streets are well lit also (only some portions).

I’ve gone to El Salvador, as it’s where my parents were born. But thanks for the news. I hope you brought back souvenirs from here :). I also hope you had some Pollo Campero!

I also hope you had some tasty Pupusas! They’re really good!

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I had both Pollo Campero and Pollo Campestre which is even better and with the taste from San Miguel 🍗🍗🍗

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I went there as a guerito alone and nothing happened, great place. Love Playa El Tunco and Paseo El Carmen in Santa Tecla.


This sounds Amazing!

I wish Avianca would start flights to Copenhagen as well would 100% fly with them! :D

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Avianca El Salvador Flight 1444

The first flight from El Salvador to Boston starts today! First flight in 12 minutes!

Thought I’d share this on this post I made in June :)


TACA 444 just landed and is at the international terminal E, gate E4. An A320neo was operated on the route which was a special treat.

Hopefully I’ll be able to stop by the airport later on to watch it depart! It will only stay on the ground for about 2 hours which is a quick turnaround.

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