Avianca Central America - Embraer E190 (N936TA) Livery

Hello IFC!

Today I bring to all of you with a livery that can put Central America on the map again, taking advantage of all of those beautiful airports in that area in 3D and (maybe) future ones.

What is Avianca Central America?

Avianca is an airline that not only operates in the Colombian territory, there was a time when it was an airline that had subsections of itself, one of them, and it was the one that most operated in this region, Avianca Central America, today they have all been merged and work under the unique name of “Avianca”

This aircraft has already been withdrawn due to financial problems in Avianca Central America.

Why do we need this livery?

Many of the 3D airports in the Central American region don’t have a clear livery that represents them, if this Embraer E190 were added, that could result in the aircraft that can be seen the most in this region of Latin America.

Avianca E190 operated for many years in these airports, making both regional and international flights, making short hops between Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, among other airports in this region of Latin America.

It should be noted that this Avianca E190 also operated flights between South America, linking two countries such as Colombia and Brazil, through the use of routes between Bogota, Fortaleza, Manaus, among others.

Avianca, Todo para enamorarte!

Thanks to Pablo Velasquez Lopez for this photo (Link)

Very good! Beautiful libery.



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Awesome! Really hope that this will get added too!

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more Avianca the better!


Beautiful livery! I hope it will be added.


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