Avianca Brasil files for Bankruptcy

Brasil’s 4th largest airline has filed for bankruptcy yesterday citing the reason as “our operations had been threatened by potential repossession of aircraft, which could prevent us from continuing to operate.”

The news comes amid struggles for several South American airlines because of rising fuel prices and the strong value of the US dollar.

Latin American airlines have been struggling in general this year due to the fact that they have to pay most of their expenses including fuel in U.S dollars while billing passengers in a much more volatile currency.

More details in the article below.

What are your thoughts on this?


So sad to see this. They are both great South American Airlines!

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Wow… such beautiful liveries old and new and now they could be gone… sad to see this.

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I know this is stupid, but is avianca Brazil the same as just avianca or is it like air Asia x and AirAsia

Yeah, luckily the Avianca Columbia will still be around!

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I’m no expert but I think there’s an Avianca Columbia that will still be operating. Any Avianca experts, correct me if I’m wrong…

Sad… I am sad seeing this company in this situation even more that I live in Brazil

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It can be hard to say goodbye to a airline based in your home country…

Yes, it’s very difficult

Been a bad year for airlines… FlyBe, Avianca and Air Berlin (technically in 2017 but still)

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