Avianca | BOG-PEI | Airbus A320

Hey IFC!
I am making a confession. I haven’t ever been down to South American ever in IF, besides Santiago once. I am missing out on so much! It’s incredible down here!
Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122
The photos are ready for eyeballs!
Lining up 13L

Positive rate up climb gear up

Right turn

Short hop over the mountains to a city called pereira

Ooh yeah


Final runway 08 with an annoying F-16 way to close

Approaching minimums

Safe landing in pereira! Aside form the F-16 who got way too close

I hope y’all enjoyed!


I’ve done this route in real life it’s pretty tricky into Pereira. Great Photos!

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Ahh love some south American routes😉Liked it

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Absolutely stunning pictures! What a great landscape. Thanks for sharing these great shots!

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Thanks for doing one of our codeshares :)

Colombia is quite beautiful, isn’t it?


@Altaria55 it sure is!

F-16 way too close on Expert? luckily you didnt get ghosted

Wait wait wait… What?

You have tons of great scnery to catch up with… Anyways, nice pictures!