Avianca | BOG-LHR | Boeing 787-8

Hey IFC!
I don’t like to do topics of back to back flights because I like to keep mixing things up, but I don’t go to South America all that often and when I do it is just beautiful. I also got a cool bonus at the end.
Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122 Heavy
The photos are here!
Our ride for today, a tasty 787-8 that will take us back to Europe

Blasting out of Bogota/El Dorado

Climbing high

Reached cruise

Sunset over more foggy mountains

Finally views of the mountains and the continental before we leave them behind and start our journey over the mighty ocean to Europe

Night time

Passengers getting good rest thanks to the high cabin pressure and quiet jets

Sunrise over the French Coast

Buttery landing in Heathrow

Ooh! Here is the bonus, the takeoff from this flight at 2X speed, I made it with iMovie, let me know what you think.

I hope y’all enjoyed!

Didn’t know this was a flight! Nice pictures!


What’s y’alls opinion on a takeoff video at the end, should I do more?

I loved the takeoff video at the end! The pictures are amazing as well. ;)

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Good to know, thanks!

Amazing pictures Jack

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Takeoff video was great! If you do another post in this category can you do a landing video? How did you post that google drive video? It seems a lot easier than YouTube. @Jack_Q

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wasn’t too hard, just uploaded it to Google drive then got a shareable link.

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I love 787s!!!

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