Avianca Airlines is now files for bankruptcy

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I know you guys notice of news about Avianca airlines flies for bankruptcy and that’s really sad of many airlines now only using under 30% of their entire fleet or starting to go bankrupt.
Avianca has been flying since December 5, 1919, and this year is going to be it’s 101 years of flying in aviation and I’ve loved that airlines because I have families in South America and we depend on Avianca to get there and now listening to this news, I thought we were needing to go to another airlines example like copa airlines but Avianca is one of my favorites.

What’s your opinion on this news, are you sad, don’t care, or don’t know to feel about it.

Pretty sure a similar topic already exists, but if not, please correct me.

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I can confirm that. Feel free to continue here:

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I just notice that Avianca is the second oldest airlines in the world

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thats alot of facts that he has

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