Avianca Airbus A320

Hello Community!

Today I would like to request the Avianca Airbus A320 since the last topic was closed.

Picture credits:

Pitcure by: SF 340, Jetphotos

Avianca A320 avianca

According to Wikipedia, Avianca currently operates 39 A320s which are used to fly around North, Central, and South America.

It would be cool to fly it as we lack on Avianca’s livery on the Simulator with only having the old livery on the A318 and the current livery on the Boeing 787.

About Avianca: avianca

Avianca is a Colombian Airline that has been the national airline and flag carrier of Colombia since 1919 making it the second oldest airline after KLM.

About the Airbus A320

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Please help us bring more Avianca’s fleet to the simulator by voting in the topics below:

Thanks for stopping by and I’m hoping to see this beauty in a near future.


Avianca A321
Avianca Liveries

I’m from Colombia and love Avianca, also the new livery is awesome. Got my vote 🙌🏼


As Salvadoran I will like to see this livery in the game…you got my vote!


Only the A318 and the 787 are few for a company of such importance to us South Americans as Avianca! You have my vote!


Got my vote. I hope to see this livery soon in the IF too.


And a beautiful painting! would be perfect in the infinite flight along with the A320 of Latam, have my vote! 😉👍


This sharklets wow… so beautiful. We need this livery!


This livery really deserves to be highlighted. Is very beautiful


I researched some routes that the Avianca A320 does, and many are great, South America needs this livery! 😀


this wonderful painting will serve the entire community of South America as the company has several subsidiaries in the region. have my vote!


Avianca Brazil too, have my vote now! Nice request to community south america.


Wow people you’re amazing, never expected this many votes ☺

Also the livery will sure fill the Latin American skies now that the developers have announced better quality imagery over South America by the end of this year.


Seems like a very nice livery and well put together thread! Nice job!


The Brazilian community of Infinite Flight has always wanted this plane, but we usually fight for one livery at a time; however, I am encouraging the people to evolve their accounts in the IFC precisely so they can vote on more than one topic, because Brazil wants the Tam 777-300ER, but also wants this Avianca A320. Then that’s it. The trend is for this topic to get even more votes.


Well if its the real Avianca then use a Colombian Reg. :)


If we can get the A320 from Latam all of South America, agent can get the A320 from the avianca, Always encouraging the galley to vote on this topic we need this livery in infinite flight! 😁


Wow that livery is very cool and gives off that modern vibe, take my vote!


Brazillian reg is better ahaha PR-OCA


Nice request, it would be great to have her Infinite Flight.


But if they do not register Brazilian, it will also serve. In the end, Avianca is Avianca. lol