Avianca A330-300. L.A to Bogota 9.22.22

Route summery

Noted departure from the gate: 7:25AM PST with a calm west wind. Noted departure at 7:42AM PST Total cruise time: 7hrs and 19mins. Noted arrival time: 4:23PM COT. Server: Expert.

Route Details

Although this route is flown regularly by a Boeing 787-8, I felt it was appropriate to fly the A330-300 as it’s the newest AVA widebody to the simulator. But then there came the realization that AVA gave up the A330-300s recently and the A330-200s are on the cusp of retirement. However, what do I have to complain about preferences? Upon departure from runway 25R at LAX, an arriving Air New Zealand flight from Auckland has just exited runway 25L and perfectly matched a glorious departure shot. Bogota is the third highest city in South America at 8,660 feet. The approach for runways 31R/L require a left base turn on final as mountainous terrain lies in close proximity. Both are not ILS equipped, but I had no problems there as the A330 is a agile and easy machine to handle with landings.

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Cool pics… But a lot of stairs… ^^

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Bro this is literally my favorite route, and nice shots