Avianca A320neo Mask

You have my vote. Hopefully it’s the one with the capital A and the tail and fuselage under red also.
A bit of background, The reason for the “a” in some of their planes is due to an alliance Avianca is gonna be part of in the near future called “The Abra group” conformed by GOL, Avianca and Aerolíneas Argentinas. The group’s idea is to be able to compete with LATAM. And for the basic livery that’s going around was just avianca’s new idea of a simplified product that made sense with the change into a “low-cost”…

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I mean just look at it the A looks way better


It definitely does!!

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Yeah and they even still have some of them like that

Most of them are like that. It’s just the ones that recently joined the fleet that have the basic livery mostly white with the Lower cap a

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  1. avianca is already part of the abra group
  2. that’s not the reason behind avianca’s decision to put their A in lower case
  3. this is a request for the old livery with the new a, not old livery with old a.
  4. old livery with old a can’t be done because that’s an old livery, not permanent, making it special.

are u sure?

pretty sure, aviancas direct competitor in the region isnt latam, its volaris

ok then thank you

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yeah definitely agree with this one right here🔥

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yeah i also agree